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Pacific Relations

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A Japanese tourist became an intimate friend.


I had an apartment in the Japan Town section of San Francisco, and one day a Japanese student caught me on the street and asked me directions. He didn't speak much English, and he didn't seem to know where he was going, either, so I spent some time trying to communicate with him. To make a long story short, he didn't have a place to stay for two days until he left, and I offered him to crash at my place.

He came back in the evening with lots of purchases-gifts to take home. After dinner he spread them out to unwrap them and look them over. What caught my eye were some Playboy and Hustler magazines, and I chuckled and pointed to them. He smiled, and made a jacking motion with his hand, and I smiled and nodded in agreement.

As we got ready for bed-me in my bedroom and him in the living room-I noticed we both wore similar shorts. Then a few minutes later, I walked by the door and saw his shorts were off, and he was propped up on the couch with one of his magazines. When I was finished in the bathroom, I came out and saw that he was masturbating.

For a moment I was shocked. I couldn't think. What to do? Pretend I didn't see? Nod, smile, and go to bed? I froze for a moment.

Then I walked over and stood behind him where I could see the magazine, and also his cock. It wasn't very long, but it was as fat as I've ever seen. He was slowly stroking, enjoying himself. I watched for a few moments and then felt my cock swelling in my shorts. Another panic. What to do? Try to pretend I wasn't getting a hard on? Smile and go to my bedroom and jack off? I froze again.

Then I stripped off my shorts and started stroking my cock, inches from his face. He turned, looked and said something I couldn't understand, and went back to stroking. We both stroked for several minutes, and I was completely hard. His fat cock was dripping precum, and he had slowed down, trying to prolong without cumming. When I saw that I started to cum, but let go of my cock, and it stood there in the air. My friend reached back and cupped my balls in his hand, and in seconds I was spurting cum all over him, and my legs were buckling. He was stroking for the finish now, fast and hard, and moments after my cum landed in his lap, his cock was gushing semen.

After a minute, he jumped up and went to the bathroom and came back with some towels to clean with, and did a thorough job of cleaning himself, me, the couch and floor. The magazines, also! We gestured smiles and satisfaction, and also good night, and collapsed in our beds. The next morning I was off to work almost before he was awake, and was home at six in the afternoon when he came back from another day of sightseeing and shopping.

We smiled and made some food together, and he showed me his presents-no more magazines this time. He was very happy with them, and tried to tell me about the friends and family they were for. After he did the dishes he came to my room. I was putting away some clothes and getting ready for the morning. He said something I didn't understand, and then, with a frustrated laugh, pushed me onto the bed. Holding me down with one hand, he undid and took down my pants, exposing my cock. To tell the truth, I had thought about masturbating with him all day, and that evening I was continually aroused. My cock was half erect, and moving fast to full when he wrapped his hand around it. Still holding me down, he slowly and firmly rubbed up and down, feeling my cock come to full size, and lingering on my balls, thighs and tip until I was rock hard.

Then he let go to pull off his pants, short and shirt, and pulled the tee from over my head. We were both naked for a moment, looking at each other. I was flat on my back, legs over the side, he was standing in front of me, between my legs. In one fluid lunge, he bent over me and pressed our cocks together. He wasn't quite hard, and his cock felt warm and soft, mushing against mine. Soon it was hard, and he pressed harder and harder together, stroking up and down, his cock parting my balls and sliding along my shaft.

Both of my hands slid down, over his ass and between his legs to feel his balls as he ground against me. He moaned as if to almost cum, and pulled away. Lying next to me, he stroked my cock slowly, teasingly, careful that I didn't cum. When he had gained control again, he rolled on top and slid our cocks together...the sensation was overwhelming. He lifted up again, but pulled him back down and locked him hard against me with his legs. We both started humping fast, and soon our cocks and balls and bellies were drenched in cum. He rolled over, and his long black pubic hair was coated in sticky cum. He held my balls and gently stroked me as my cock began to relax, left me there and came back with a towel.

I was speechless. We didn't understand anyway. He left me and went out to the couch. I tried to sleep, but a few minutes later I was sitting next to him, stroking his cock while his hand rubbed along my butt and balls. I was stiff as a board. He stood up, turned his back to me, and nestled my cock in his butt crack, pulling his cheeks back, then sliding up and down, while my hands held his cock and balls. I was cumming fast, and in four or five big hard strokes I came, cum spurting along his ass, still grinding and rubbing my cum into my bush and balls, and in my hand I felt him get stiff and rigid and his legs harden and I squeezed his cock hard and let his cum spill out over my hand and wrist and onto the floor. He turned around and rubbed his softening cock against mine until we were both limp, and we both went to sleep.

In the morning I woke him early, before I went to work. I had intended to just say goodbye, but when he rolled over, his cock was semi-hard, and his balls lay against his thighs surrounded by long black shiny hair and in a moment my pants were on the floor and I was naked on top of him, pressing my cock into his. I was excited and nervous, but he took his hands on my butt and gently started to guide my cock against his, pushing with just the most sensual pleasure and we felt our cocks dancing between us, hot and pulsing with a life of their own and when we knew that they had found each other and melted together and were dancing, we both smiled and laughed at the pleasure, stopped and looked down at our bodies, the short fat cock with long black hair, and the long, skinny one with curly blonde hair and I could see the difference but could not feel the difference. He pressed me again hard to him, and our asses began to clench and grind as a long orgasm built between us and we both let our moans together, in the same language of sex and desire and pleasure and our crotches again felt the warm, oozing cum of one another.

This time I cleaned myself, left him a towel and closed the door behind me for work. When I returned, he was gone, but for a pair of cum soaked shorts.



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