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Owners Daughter

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How I fell in love with the owners daughter


When I was 23 I was working as a bookkeeper in a family run company. The mother, father and three out of four children worked in the company. The youngest child was going to college. I started to work in October of 1997 and in about six months I was able to clean up the mess the previous bookkeeper did. I had all accounts paid up and was showing a profit for the company. The company landed some big accounts and I requested help. The owner told me his youngest child Tina was graduating college and she was going to be my assistant.

When I first meet Tina I thought she was cute. She was about my height, 5'9' and weighed about 175lbs. She was a big girl but carried herself very well. She was very popular, to many phone calls, but always put in long hours. We worked very close for over a year and sometimes worked some long hours. One night before our end of year we were still at work at ten when Tina started to complain about her back being sore. I told her I would rub her back and proceeded to. She was moaning and ohing for ten minutes. When I finished her face was red and she told me that was amazing.

The few days later her two older sisters told me Tina had a crush on me. I looked at them and asked why. Both told me Tina confined in both of them she thought I was nice and wanted to know me better. I never gave it any thought because I didn't want to stick my pen into the companies ink. About a month late Tina asked me to go as her date to a cousin's wedding. I told her yes, but talked to her parents later. Her dad said he had no problem and when he left the room her mom told me Tina liked me. I laughed and she told me she overheard her daughter talking to a friend saying she was going to marry you. I was stunned and her mom laughed. She told me her husband and other kids loved me and she thought I would be a great son-in-law.

Before the wedding Tina and I went to pick out my tux. I tried on a few and finally decided on one I liked. Tina told me I looked great and I jokingly told her if I only had someone to marry I would wear this tux. She got very quite and then laughed it off. I asked her to a movie the next week and we enjoyed ourselves and ended up back at her parents. Her father looked at me on the couch with Tina and told us we looked like a married couple. Tina said dad and I just laughed.

We were together a lot over the next two weeks and while nothing happened we did kiss a few times. At the wedding everyone told us we looked great together and Tina caught the bouquet. Her brother looked at me and called me a sucker and then asked me if I was just fooling aroung with his sister or really liked her. I told him I was falling for her but was taking it slow. Her brother just smiled and told me good.

After the wedding we went back to my place and when we walked in I turned Tina around and kissed her. We kissed for a few minutes and when we broke she just sighed. I asked what was wrong and she told me to sit down. Tina then explained she loved working with me and going out but her father may not like us dating. I laughed and told her her dad knew what was going on and was okay with it. She was surprised and I told her about the long talk with her parents and they both considered me part of the family. Tina smiled and took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. Once in there she stripped out of her dress and was wearing a garter belt and a thong. Her bra was all lacy and see thru. I took off my tux and was just wearing my boxer/briefs and my bowtie. Tina laughed and we climbed into bed and started to make out. Our hands were all over each other and soon Tina told me to finger her. I took off my boxer/briefs and she took off her garter/panties and bra. We both took in each others privates and then I checked to make sure she was ready and slipped one finger then two in. It was tight at first and then she relaxed and we were like two bunnies. She held my dick and started to jack me off. After a few minutes of ooohs and aaahs we both climaxed at the same time.

We relaxed for a little bit and then did it again. As we were falling asleep my phone rang. Tina answered and gave it to me. It was the eldest sister telling me welcome to the family.

After dating a few months I asked her to marry me and we have been married for five years.



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