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Overnight With My Girlfriend

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This shopping trip turned into a dream come true!


I'm a divorced single woman living in the North-east USA. I have a girlfriend I met a couple of years ago and she is single also. For the last year we have talked about taking the train into New York City for a shopping weekend, and staying overnight in Manhattan. We finally decided to take the trip last month.

By the way, I recently found Solo Touch and I get very turned on reading the stories here, especially the girl/ girl stories! So I decided to tell this story. Anyway, as expensive as it is in Manhattan, we shared a room at one of the down town hotels.

We shopped all day on a Saturday, ate lunch in a cool little bistro, had some drinks in the late afternoon, and had a nice dinner although we settled on a place that wasn't all that to look at because it wasn't terribly expensive.

Over dinner we shared stories of some of the past men in our lives and our ex husbands. Although we both date now and then we both admitted sex was something we were definitely missing in our lives.

We got back to the hotel around 9 PM. I usually sleep naked but I decided it would probably be more 'proper' if I packed some sleeping clothes since I was sharing a room with my friend. Being 'proper' about it, I changed into my nightgown in the bathroom, then she did the same.

She came out wearing a pretty thin see through nightie. I could see her breasts and a dark pubic area through her thin gown. My heart skipped a beat and started racing. I have always loved sex with men, but secretly I've harboured thoughts of women for most of my adult life. We both got on the big king size bed and flipped on the television. My eyes kept drifting to Linda. We talked while the television was on, not really watching it.

Linda said 'I usually sleep naked, but I thought I'd better bring a gown since I was sleeping with you!' We both laughed. I said 'I did the same thing! I usually sleep naked too but I brought this frumpy old gown since we were sharing a room!' We laughed again. Linda said 'this damn thing is twisting all around me and I can't stand it.'

My heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to pass out. I said 'Take it off if you want to. It's not like I haven't seen boobs before.' She laughed and said 'yeah, this is coming off.' She stood up and pulled the nightie off of her. My pussy started getting wet instantly. She has beautiful breasts. She is slim with long legs, and her pussy was cut short with dark brown hair. She climbed back in bed and slipped under the covers, but she propped the pillow against the backboard so she was kind of sitting up. Her breasts were fully exposed.

I said 'Linda, you have gorgeous breasts. I wish mine looked as good as yours.' She asked me what I didn't like about mine. I told her I thought they sagged too much. I told her I was thinking about getting a bit of surgery for a 'lift.'

Linda said 'well let me see them and I'll tell you what I think.' Oh my heart was pounding! I got off the bed and pulled my nightgown off and climbed back in bed naked and sat back against the backboard as Linda was, with the covers up to my waist.

Linda turned to look at me and said 'sit more upright and face me. She got more into a sitting position too and she closely looked at my breasts. She said 'I think they are fine.' She said 'they are full ... and they hang nicely.' Then she reached over and cupped them and said 'and they feel nice and firm too.' Oh that felt so good when she cupped them.

Then I admired hers aloud and told her how pretty they looked and I reached out and cupped hers. They felt wonderful! Before I could remove my hands she said 'that feels really good.' I then kept my hands on her breasts and massaged them gently, and ran my fingers over her nipples. My heart was wildly pounding by now. Then Linda said 'Ummmm ... don't stop!'

She slid closer to me, and as I felt and massaged her breasts, she used a free hand to cup mine and she started rubbing mine, running her fingers across my nipples. Ever so gradually, we turned more and more to our sides facing each other with our faces very close. I could feel her warm breath exhale against my face.

She then put an arm around my head and pulled me into her lips. We started kissing and it was so passionate! We both placed both arms around each other and placed our breasts together as our tongues roamed in and out of each other mouths. Then Linda went back to my breasts with her mouth and began sucking my nipples. While I'm not totally happy with my breasts, I do have nice nipples! She moaned with pleasure as she sucked them. She released and I leaned into her breasts and began sucking her nipples.

All my life I have wondered how it would feel to be doing exactly what I was doing at that very moment. It was a dream come true! She put an arm around my lower back and pulled her hips into mine. Our pussies came together. As we were buried in passionate kissing, our hips began grinding each other. Slowly and gently at first ... then more aggressively and harder.

I flung the cover off of both of us and looked down at the site of our nude lower bodies working against each other. In an instant her hand and my hand went down and we started feeling each others soaking wet pussy. She had two fingers inside me and mine in her. We fingered each other delicately, then roughly ... then delicately, then roughly, and our fingers found each others clit as we both frantically tried to get each other off.

She then pushed me back onto my back and she spun around and got on the other end of the bed and scooched her pussy squarely against mine. Our clits were together and we ground them wildly against each other, our legs spread and knees up in the air. I could so clearly see her beautiful lips spread open. I'm sure mine were gaping open for Linda also. Our pussy lips came together as if they were kissing each other. It was so sexually explicit and so arousing. We continued to grind but we each placed our fingers against our own clits and we started masturbating like crazy as we smacked our wet pussies against each other.

I felt the waves of orgasm spreading through my body, wave after wave until I came in a huge orgasm with Linda getting hers moments later. She returned to the top of the bed and we laid together and kissed forever. This eventually turned into another wild session and we totally explored each other with our mouths and tongues.

It was a beautiful evening and more intense than I've ever experienced with a man. Since getting back home, Linda has come over three times for hot sex with me. It is the best and most beautiful sex ever! She and I are to remain VERY close friends from now on!



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