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Overnight Trip

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I hate to write anything but like to read this site


My brother and three friends were going to drive to the ocean and stay overnight, not knowing where we would crash and probably staying up all night. They are all one or two years older than me and he did not want me to go along but his friends did because they like me and treat me kind of as a mascot. They call me The Little Guy because I am kind of short. I seen each of their dicks before the trip and I liked it and sometimes was thinking about what it would like to jerk off with them because I know they do it together but my brother says they don't. My secret hope was that it was going to happen on the trip.

So me and two of them had the back seat and somebody said that we should all not jerk off on the trip so we will have more pressure on us to pick up girls and do it for real. So we all agreed and drove and it did not take long before they were all talking about sex and everybody's bone came up. We only got about two hours before some guys were horsing around and pulling their hard dicks out when they saw some cute girl in another car. But I didn't because they were all bigger than me and I never did stuff like that.

So the two other guys with me on both sides had their hard dicks out and were playing around but not to jerk off. And the one says 'the little guy don't want us to see his dick', and he goes for my belt buckle and I was squirming around but laughing like I was being tickled because it tickled. And so he and the other kid held me and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. He threw them into the front seat, and they were both tickling me because they saw how ticklish and told me they would stop if I pulled my underpants off. So I did and I was sticking straight up and didn't have much hair back then (that was last year, I have more now) and the one who started it went and took my dick right in his hand and I was squirming like anything but it felt so good I didn't want him to stop.

But he did stop because now he was jerking himself real hard because he got close to cumming, and the other guys were all looking at him and watched him shoot his load which a lot of it went over me and in my naked lap because we were sitting so tight. And the other guy on the other side was getting real juiced up now from watching this and HE leans over and starts playing with my dick! And by now I wanted him to and relaxed and he did it easy so as not to tickle. And it didn't take long till I creamed my load and it was a good shoot too and he cummed at the same time mostly from watching me and touching me I guess, because he was not doing himself.

But it's not over. The guy who was in the passenger seat said he wanted a chance and we stopped at a gas station with me still naked from my belly down (my brother was driving)and that guy now traded places and got in back and we drove on and now he was playing with my dick for maybe five minutes when I was getting hard again. Then he stopped and took my hand and put it around HIS dick. He told me how he wanted me to move it real slow and then when he wanted me to speed up, so I did it the way he said and watched him cum and let the cum fall on my hand which felt nice, and I put it on my dick and then he did me some more and I cummed again. We also did this kind of stuff on the drive all the way home.

Since then four times when my brother wasn't around I jerked with that guy. But my brother doesn't like it because I think he thinks they should just be friends with him. Just one more thing, in the car they used my underpants to blot up everybody's cum and I have saved them and hid them and a lot of times I sniff them and put them on before I jerk off. They are real stiff now because I blot up with them each time.



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