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Overheard in Class

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Let's hear from more women!


Hi, everyone! This will be short, but fun! Several years ago I took a specialized crafts class in which I was the only guy in a class of 7 plus a female instructor. It was only a short 4 evening class, but turned up my level of interest of hearing in public discussions about sex and sexual enjoyment and I think back to it often! (I'll use the term 'gals' as an endearing term, rather than using the terms females or women.) One evening one of the 6 gals commented to no one in particular that a lot more people 'run around the house naked' than we imagine.
I don't know if the gals were inhibited by my being there or why no one else picked up on the subject. I REALLY wanted to hear more, but didn't know how to ask or what to say to prime the pump for more info. My manhood took quick notice and perked up right away! I got a bulge in my pants that evening that didn't go down for quite a while and had trouble concentrating on my craft project! I'm sure the gals did not notice because we were all standing by waist-high tables and looking at our work.
I would have liked to jump up on the table to reveal the bulge in my pants the gals and say 'Hey, everybody look!' -- but didn't. They were quite open to discuss most anything and being 'horny,' probably would have been open to coming over to stroke my bulge and really make it stand out, straining at my zipper! Being there were large storefront windows and they probably would not have unzipped my pants to uncurl my shaft, we would have probably been able to find a secluded room somewhere near to play an 8-person game of touching intimately! With me being the only guy, that would have been 7 rounds of fun! Oh, I still get excited whenever I have fun remembering that evening several years ago!
One comment I considered making was, 'Next time you do run around the house naked, let me know and I'll be there!' I also considered asking whether 'running around the house naked' meant running naked around the outside of the house or running around naked inside the house. Anyway, I didn't say anything, but really wished they had kept on discussing it, confident that sooner or later the subject would have turned to the subject of pleasuring themselves and I would have been all ears, grins, glassy-eyed, and erection! I'd like to enroll for another class like that again and hope to hear more discussion about sex and sexual enjoymnt, but am afraid it would be a mixed class and nobody would open the discussion. I would really like to hear more from the gals who log on to this site! It's easy to submit a story or comment. Please do. Thanks in advance! RC



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