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Overcumming the Distance

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[Let me share some general thoughts, before I tell you about myself. First of all I would like to say that this site is great. I got the URL more or less by accident, but now that I have it, I can assure you that I‚??m a frequent visitor. I am very pleased by what I can read. I was surprised though at first that even 13 year olds share their experience, but sex and its variations are normal, everyday life, I guess. Yes, we‚??re responsible for the outcome, but with the necessary precautions, sex is fun, and fun should be shared!]Overcumming the Distance
 As many of you, I started to "scratch my itch" quite early. Knowing that it meant pleasure, I practiced it quite regularly, until I lost virginity shortly before my 19th Birthday. During the times I was dating a girl, I reduced my masturbation (I‚??m a very "economic" kind of guy), so I wouldn‚??t exhaust myself too much, before the actual fun started. But after I was dumped (again), I had to make up for the lost pleasures. [Short intermission. To all you girls that dump guys on a more or less frequent basis: It does hurt, and leaves marks!]
Being born and raised in Germany, I had to fulfill not only 13! years of school, but also Civil Service (13 months), which is a mandatory alternative to Military Service. So, until now I‚??m 21 years of age, and a freshman in college. During my Civil Service however I met a very astonishing woman. She is some 8 ¬Ĺ years older than me but that doesn‚??t show. We fell in love after four months. Being even able to live in the same apartment with her, we became very close and decided to engage last October. Then however, we both realized that the point of time, we had both been successfully pushing away, came very close. I had to leave her in order to continue my education. We both decided that it had to be worth a try.
As I told earlier, I try not to masturbate when in a relationship. However, my (our) situation is quite different. And it didn‚??t come to my mind in what a "fortunate" position I was (concerning fantasies and masturbation to them) until I stumbled on your page.
When I think of her, which happens to be quite often, I also remember our nights together. And it may happen that I start to play "five against Willie," when I start writing her an email. Yesterday for instance, I masturbated, recalling the following situation:
When both of us lived in the same apartment, we had but a normal bed. But we managed to lie in it next to each other. However, when we lying in that bed we had to lie on the side, and with me lying right next behind her, my cock always touched her ass. She not dumb-founded herself, started wiggling that ass, just as I was ready to go to sleep; and let me tell you this: it sure got my juices flowing.
My cock stiffened quite quickly; and she noticed it without saying a word. I started to touch her breasts and fondle with her nipples. My hand then headed deeper and deeper, down her body until I felt her already damp pubic hair. She would start to turn toward me with a slight moan, as I closed in on her crotch. Her large lips were already flooded, and made it easy for me to enter her smooth and warm pussy. She started to kiss my chest and her hands went between my legs, starting to slowly stroke my now fully erect, probing cock. It is a sensational feeling of having a hand stroking your cock, while fingering a juicy pussy. I could feel her clitoris beating in the same rhythm with her heart, while she began to breathe heavier and heavier.
One thing leading to another, I found my head between her legs, drinking her juices, tongue fucking her pussy, and caressing her clitoris with my finger. Her moans grow louder, and her breaths become even heavier. Just as she was about to cum, I stopped, getting back up and giving her a kiss on her mouth. In the same instant my aching cock entered her overflowing pussy. We both started to moan, as I slowly began to move in and out. In and out. We were grinding like that for at least 30 minutes at slow speed, so we both could enjoy every ever so slight movement. My thrusts were getting deeper and harder as I could feel her as well as my desire to climax. Her high-pitched groans inspired me of even deeper and harder thrusts. Just as my cock was ready to explode, I felt her spasms; 7, 8, it seemed like it would never stop. And then I seemed to take over, as I shot load after load after load inside her.
The whole room smelled like sweat and pure, fulfilling sex. We kissed each other heavily, as I remained in her and we both caught our breath.
But the night was far from over ‚?¶
All these scenes are running through my head as I sit in front of my computer, and my hand is pumping the rod hard. In my mind I "rewind the tape" just before the situation where we both ecstatically climax and play it over and over again, until I shoot my loads into my hand.
This is only one occasion among lots of others, some of which I may share with you later. It does relief a great portion of the longing that I have for my fiancée overseas, and it sure is fun to masturbate to these once real events, but it is nothing in comparison with good, and intense sex.
So far so good. Keep reading this site, and you may read from me again.
If anyone who is in a similar situation likes to share his or HER experience, he or SHE is very welcome to mail me personally to



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