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Outstanding Fantasy, Upstanding Woman

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I have a very close personal and professional relationship with a very smart and stunning business woman. She and I have spoken of my sexless married life. It's been 20+ years and I am starving to death. She mentioned that she would try to 'recruit' a friend-with-benefits on my behalf. Her married life appears healthy and I don't want to cause problems...but some things can be done that are considered (at least by me) not cheating.

For example, voyeurism. My fantasy is that I pick her up for lunch and she is wearing a blouse and skirt. As we leave she mentions that she wants me to cut-through the parking garage at her work. This garage is big and has a lot of nooks-and-crannies. As we enter the garage she tells me to find a secluded spot for us to talk. When we arrive she says that she has been thinking about my problems and would like to help me out but she doesn't want to cheat on her husband. Then she adds 'I don't consider voyeurism cheating'! With that she unbuttons her blouse and exposes a front-latch bra (I must add that this woman has exceptional breasts).

'Here are the rules...no touching, no stalking, no communication of this to anyone and either of us can end this at anytime, agreed?' Of course I would agree and with that she would unhook the front of her bra exposing her breasts. As she starts rubbing them and playing with her nipples she would say. 'If I am going to recruit possible partners for you I should first be sure that all of your equipment is in proper working order, don't you agree?' As I shake my head yes she tells me to slide down my pants. I do so and she says: 'Make it hard for me'. With that I start stroking myself as she watches.

As she sees my cock getting harder and harder she slides up her skirt and starts rubbing her panties. After a minute or two she pulls them to one side and starts playing with her pussy as I watch. I would love to see her fingers play with her clit and then watch as she slowly starts to finger herself. I don't know how long I would last but I would strain every muscle for self-control. I would like to see her stop playing with her pussy and start rubbing her tits, squeezing them and playing with her nipples. She would then take her panties off, spread her legs wide and give her aching pussy the full attention it deserves.

As her arousal started to grow I would have to stop stroking, I don't want to cum too soon. My cock would be pulsing with excitement. She would continue to rub her clit and fingerfuck herself into a frenzy. As she was starting to peak she would command me to start stroking myself again. I would start slowly and tell her how much I wanted to see her cum. She would increase her pace as I increased mine. I would ask her if she wanted to see me cum. 'Oh yes, let me see that cock cum! I need to make sure it works!'

With that I would slow down my pace and feel it building inside me. I would lay back in preparation for an explosion-20 years of frustration being blown-away. Staring at her fingers assailing her pussy and clit, I would be able to hold back no more. My orgasm would be mammoth. My cock would spasm over-and-over again in total bliss. As I was returning to earth I would see that she was about to explode herself. I would hear her tell me how good it feels and and order me to watch her pussy. With that last order she too would lose all self-control. I would be able to witness her pussy contracting as she would start her own spasm. She would start to cry-out and then try to contain the noise. Her hips would be thrusting back and forth as her orgasm took control of her body. She would need several minutes to let the feeling subside and regain self control.

As this point my cock would start to get hard all over again and I would resume stroking. 'I think your equipment is in fine working order.' With that, I would stop and we would both clean-up and agree to the 'rules' that were earlier stated. After that we would resume a great professional and personal relationship.

That's my fantasy, anyway. Another fantasy I have is of her being my dominatrix; but that is for another time.

Maybe she'll read this and help me knowing that I would abide by all of the 'rules' that were set-forth. Maybe not.

In any event it is a great fantasy. If she finds this story I hope she understands that I am not a deviant. I am a regular guy who is tired of being lonely and appreciates that she has the ability to deliver for me. I don't want to risk our friendship but want her to understand she has an admirer.



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