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Outside for the First Time

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I got home from school and nobody was home. I decided to be a bit adventurous. I knew no one would be home for maybe half an hour so I decided to strip. I was completely naked walking around the house. I felt so much more free being able to do that. Usually my house has people in it so I can't do anything close to this.

I walked around with my dick and balls swinging around freely. I decided to go outside even though people would be around. Our porch is pretty private, but not as much to cover me. I wanted to sit on our workout machine where it's very easy to see me especially since I would be sitting with my legs wide open and workout for a second. It was far to the side of my porch so if a car drove by they would kinda see me. It was also open to the house next to us, so they would be able to see my hairy crotch easily.

I did it and felt pretty horny. I loved that with my legs spread while sitting on the machine made my balls hang low in between my legs. My dick was getting hard so I thought it would be fun to blow a load outside for the first time. I wanted to do something else I've never done, I wanted to cum in a sock. I never understood that, but I guess it would help clean up. So,I went inside and grabbed on of my socks and headed out to my porch.

It was pretty humid outside so my junk felt a bit more loose. We have a couch on our porch so I sat on that and got comfortable. I put one leg one the couch and the other stayed on the floor. I spread as much as I could. My balls felt like they were hanging lower than usual. I began to stroke and just leaned back and relaxed.

I was jerking my dick pretty hard making my balls bounce up and down. Some of my neighbors were outside so I thought it would be a little fun to let my moaning be free. My balls bounced up and down and it felt so good. I was moaning and was in heaven. I had never felt so free while rubbing my dick. As I stroked my six inch dick faster I felt so good.

I'm an 18 year old guy and I had never jerked off outside and was wondering why. I am pretty happy with my crotch. My dick is six inches and pretty thick. My balls hang low and are also hairy along with the rest of me, I don't shave at all and love the bush. With my legs spread like this I felt like everything about my dick was better. I felt like my dick was longer and thicker, and my balls were bouncing and it felt great.

I felt close to cumming a couple of times and stroked with the sock over my cock. I was moaning louder and louder. I put the sock over my cock and 'ugh,ugh,UGHH!'. My legs shook and I softly let out little moans of satisfaction. I felt the cum pulse through my cock into the sock and felt the cum all over the head of my dick.

I slowly rubbed out the last couple of drops of cum into the sock and stood up. My nuts were hanging low and my dick was starting to soften up.

I hope everyone leaves again soon so I can do it again!



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