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Outrageous Aunt

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This story was inspired by a not-so-innocent kiss from an aunt I had fantasized about.


(This is a work of fiction.)

My first and only experience with incest was with my aunt. 'Jeanne' was my mom's older sister.

College-educated, a nurse at one time, she was also outrageous, wearing what she damned well wanted to, including what got my attention when I was 13, a sleeveless low cut dress that not only showed off her magnificent chest, but her shapely legs. Since puberty had kicked in not too long before, I was aware of women like I had never been before, and had never thought of Jeanne as an object of fantasy, as I had some of my teachers and a neighbor, of whom I will write about soon. That changed when I saw my aunt in that dress. I strained my neck and my eyes, trying to get a good look at Jeanne's body to recall as fuel for my masturbatory fantasies. The fact that Jeanne was my aunt made the fantasies more exciting, since it made the idea of having her sexually was forbidden fruit.

Jumping ahead about 20 years, I had occasion to see Jeanne when I took my mom to visit her. At that point, I had been divorced about seven years, and found that I was appealing to older women, having had at least seven different lovers from 38 to 46.

When we stopped at Jeanne's house, Jeanne was about 55, and I could still see some of what had appealed to me when I was younger. Her tits still looked good, but I had no idea what her legs looked like, since she was wearing pants.

While my mom and I visited, Jeanne commented how handsome I was, how muscular I looked and that I should take her to the movies. I didn't think anything of this, thinking she was her usual outrageous self. She commented about this at least several times, and I began to wonder if she was coming on to me. I was between lovers at that time, and feeling a need to be laid soon. Recalling Jeanne's body and how it looked 20 years before, I felt a rush that made my heart start pounding as I thought that my aunt might be attracted to me.

On the way back to my mom's house, as my mom chatted, I began thinking about Jeanne's suggestion to take her to the movies. I couldn't wait to get back to my apartment to call her.

When I got to my apartment, I looked up Jeanne's phone number. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that she was married and that her son, my cousin, and I had played together often. Now here I was contemplating having sex with his mother, and therefore committing a serious crime.

When I called Jeanne, she was happy that I had called. When I asked her to go out to a movie with me, she was eager and said that she was ready to go that evening.

When I stopped at her house, she told me to come in. I did so, and saw her standing in front of her couch. She was wearing a gray suit with a red top, with a skirt that was about four inches above her knees, sheer gray pantyhose and gray high heels. She looked delicious, her tits still firm, and from what I could see, no bra.

Her legs still looked as good as I remembered.

Jeanne sat down, her skirt riding up, then she crossed her legs. She patted the seat next to her.

'I still remember when you were trying to look at me,' she said. 'I found it exciting that a boy was interested in his old aunt. I even thought that maybe you would have liked a kiss from me.' She patted the seat again, leaned forward, and I could see her nipples were erect. I was hard as a rock by this time. I sat down next to her.

She looked at me. 'Would you like to kiss me, X?' I didn't hesitate. Not for a moment did I think of Jeanne as my aunt. She was a sexy, hot woman whom I wanted. I took her in my arms, and kissed her passionately, moving my hand over those thighs, over a nipple, making her shudder, and enjoying the feel of her hands on my shoulders.

When we finally broke the kiss, her lipstick was smeared, her skirt was pulled up above her crotch, with me being able to see the dark hair of her cunt. A strand of her salt-and-pepper hair was in her face. Of course, my cock was pushing against the front of my pants, making me very uncomfortable. I thought, of course, that she was going to lead me to her bedroom. I was mistaken.

'Well, I'm a mess right now, sweetheart. Let me get cleaned up and then we'll go.'

She saw the look on my face. 'Darling, we'll have lots of time to fool around when we get back from the movie. It will give us something to look forward to. Consider what we just did as an appetizer.'

She looked down at my crotch. 'But first, let me see that bulge in your trousers.' I quickly unbuckled my pants, and unzipped them.

Hoping to get lucky, I wore no underwear, so my hard cock, with the precum at the tip was there for her to see.

'Oh, God. All that because of me? Well, I better take care of that nasty swelling. A good nurse always takes care of such things.'

She wrapped her long fingers around me and began stroking me. I closed my eyes and let myself float on the ecstasy she was producing. I felt her arm around my shoulders, and her knees pressed against my thigh. I opened my eyes to see her legs underneath her, her firm thighs sticking out of her short skirt. She seemed intent on my erection.

'Oh, that's nice, isn't it, nephew? Let Auntie Jeanne take care of you, sweetheart.' She whispered these words to me in a low, breathy

voice that made me even more excited, her stroking slow and steady.

Just then I felt the wave of pleasure that always preceded my orgasms. I managed to croak out, '..coming...' After I said that, Jeanne pressed her lips to mine, kissing me hard, her tongue moving in and out.



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