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Outdoor Wanking and Water

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When I was in my early twenties I lived on a dairy farm for a year. My job was working for a company that sold the automatic milking machines. I worked each day from 10 am to about 3pm, seven days a week cleaning and repairing the machines after they were used each day.

I had a lot of free time, was bored and horny. Naturally; I masturbated several times a day.

The farm provided a small cottage for me to live in that was about a half mile from the main building. Behind the cottage was a small overgrown garden that faced a line of trees and a highway. It was not quiet but private.

I often sat out in the garden in the afternoons when the sun faced the back wall and would masturbate while sitting in a old wooden lounge chair. I had just discovered the joys of using a lubricant. At first I just used Vaseline but I found a gallon jug of some sort of veterinarians lube in one of the barns. It was intended for when the vets stuck a hand into the cow to remove a stuck calf when birthing. I would pour it in a bowl and just dip my hand into it when I needed some.

It did not matter if I was outside in the garden or in the cottage on my bed I learned to masturbate for a long time without coming. I could get close to an orgasm but not go over the line and stay that way for as long as I wanted. Often I would get right to the point where I could feel the contractions starting behind my balls but then would stop stimulating myself, allow my penis to go soft and then start all over again.

Another thing I began to experiment with was putting water in my ass. There was an old kitchen sink on the side of the building in the garden. The faucet had a connection for a hose and I cut an old hose down to a short length and heated the end over the stove to melt it smooth. With the water on low pressure, I would squat on the ground and slowly press the tip of the hose into my anus and fill myself with warm water. When it came time to push it out I could just lean over the sink and expel it there or go out into the grass.

One thing I also did was to sit in the chair with the hose up my ass as far as it would go and by clenching my anus I could cause the water to be trapped and fill me. I would then relax and let it flow out. The whole time I could be stroking my cock.

The orgasms were great but it was always messy and I would always say never again afterwards.

One day I was caught masturbating by the daughter of one of the women who worked on the farm. Her name was Susan.

She had been sent to tell me that a package of parts had arrived for me. I had heard her coming around the corner of the cottage and I was standing there with a huge hard-on and a garden hose up my ass. I had no chance to cover up or get inside. She took one look at me, blushed and ran away, returning to shout from around the corner the message about the parts shipment.

Susan avoided me for the next week or so and always blushed and giggled when she saw me. For the next while I kept my masturbation indoors.

Some weeks later, I was getting ready to go out when I saw Susan sneaking around the cottage. I watched her from the window and she went and hid in the trees behind the cottage.

I left from the front door and have no idea how long she was there.

The next time I saw her I was sitting out just beginning to masturbate. I called her name and she came out from the trees looking frightened. I told her she could watch me if she promised not to tell anybody.

She stood about 10 feet in front of me and I began to stroke. I was hard within a few seconds and came very quickly.

She asked if it felt good and I said yes. I very much wanted to ask if I could touch her, to look at her body, to take her into the cottage and fuck, but I was too scared to do anything.

The best I could do was to tell her that she could come back another day if she wanted to, but she never did. Susan avoided me altogether from then on.

I wish this was a better story, but it is the truth.



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