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Outdoor Masturbation 1

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Seeing a recent post on the Solo website reminded me of the times that I have engaged in outdoor masturbation.


As a youth we moved to a place far into the countryside. Woods and farmland surrounded us, and while there were no other kids my age it also meant there was lots of privacy.
Out in the woods I found a nice place. A small stream flowed past a shady bank. From age 12 or 13 until I was in high school (16 or 17) my summer days were spent at this special spot, totally naked. Many leisurely afternoons were spent exploring my body and stroking my growing penis to orgasm after orgasm.
Along the way I had found a dirty magazine someone had tossed out on the side of the road. It had big breasted beauties, my favorite layout was of two slightly plump ladies with enormous tits. One was named Ebony, and as you might guess from her name was also her skin color. Her playmate was a blonde with creamy white skin. I suppose it didn't help my already growing fetish for plump women!
On a typical afternoon I'd arrive at my spot, and quickly strip down. I'd lie back, enjoying the warm air on my nude body. I'd pull out my magazine from it's hiding spot, and ever so slowly read it. Once I'd selected my 'girl' for the day, I'd prop up the mag and lie back.
I would begin a slow but deliberate stroke, making sure not to rush things. Like most teenagers though, I could go from zero to horny in no time, and was rock hard quickly. Knowing it was the first of many I didn't try to hold back, and would soon be shooting a nice load of young cum all over my cock, crotch, and belly.
I would then lie there contentedly, half dozing. Sometimes I'd rub my cum into my skin, other times just let it puddle and enjoy the feeling as it flowed down my body.
I would lie there on the bank, resting, half asleep really. Just enjoying the outdoors and the afterglow. Soon though, my eyes would wander back to the magazine and I'd idly turn some pages. The stamina of youth would allow me to recover quickly, and soon I'd be hard again.
Having selected another big breasted babe to ogle, I would then slide into the stream. I loved that stream. It was about six inches deep, and had a very sandy bottom which made it quite soft to lie in. After washing off some of the dried cum from the previous session I would start my next round.
On some days I enjoyed 'humping' the stream bed. I'd lie face down, with my chest on the bank and face looking into the magazine. My lower half would be in the stream, my dick sliding around in the soft sand. Gentle splashes could be heard as I pumped my crotch into the earth. Before long another load of semen would be deposited into the water.
More often though, I would lie on my back in the water with my head propped on an available log. Lying with my feet pointing upstream allowed the water to flow over my balls as I stroked. Quite a feeling, I can assure you.
I would imagine having sex with the naked woman whose photo I was looking at while pumping my young cock. Before long I would be rewarded when a nice blast of cum would shoot out of my cock and into the air.
Once the afterglow had subsided I would rinse off then lie once again on the bank, allowing myself to air dry. Many times I would catch a brief nap in the warm summer afternoon.
Typical as not I would awake refreshed and horny. Once again I would turn to my trusty magazine for inspiration. Since I would not want to get to messy right before returning home, I normally got onto my knees, legs spread wide. I would stroke and pump my dick until once again I was blasting another load of cum all over mother earth.
Naturally the pattern varied. Sometimes I'd only have time for one cum, other times I'd actually squeeze a fourth, and can recall one time doing five that day.
But I still fondly remember my private little spot by the stream. Hmm, I wonder whatever became of that magazine?
-- Plump Lvr



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