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Out of the Blue

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After 14 years of marriage things can get a bit stale, until Emma, my wife, livened things up!


Emma is the light of my life. I wish that she was a little more adventurous sexually, but you know what they say, be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

One evening, Emma and I were in bed and out of the blue she asked me 'Do you ever think of other girls when we have sex.' I answered 'no' but there was something, maybe a look of disappointment on her face. So I said 'Why, would you like me to?' She said, 'Not exactly, but there is something I would like to do.'

She wouldn't tell me what, no matter how much I pleaded!

Now, I should explain that Emma is a very good photographer, in fact, she does it professionally. She came home from work one day clearly excited about something. We sat in the kitchen and talked about her best friend, Anna. Anna works in website design and is something of a stunner, but very very into what she does. Emma said 'Anna asked me to take some erotic photos of her for her husband. They're right here, now, in this camera. She didn't want full on sexual ones, just flirty, teasy type.' Then she asked me to wait.

After about the longest half hour of my life, Emma told me to come into her office. On the walls were large prints of the pics she had taken. Some were Anna dressed up in a nurses uniform and a school uniform. (As Anna has very small firm breasts, this one worked quite well.) One showed her wearing nothing but a pair of handcuffs. One, Emma had printed out full size and showed Anna in just a pair of white panties looking right into the camera and with one hand between her legs and sucking the knuckle of the middle finger of the other hand. I was hard in a second! Emma then got my cock out and started to wank me. As soon as the precum started, she took the photo off the wall and laid it on the floor. All the time she jacked me, she said stuff like 'Imagine Anna is right in front of you. You are making her wet. She wants your cum on her face.' Then she stopped with the 'imagine' Instead 'Do it on her. blow your load onto her face and watch her lick it off.' Emma started talking really dirty, which is something she doesn't do that often. 'Go on... do it... make her swallow your load.' As I got almost to the pont of no return, Emma suddely put something to my face. I knew immediately that Emma had taken a pair of Anna's panties while she was in her house doing the shoot. They smelled of sex and sweat. (Anna always has a kind of nice sweaty/sexy smell about her.) Then 'Tell me when you are cumming.' I didnt need to tell her as the first rope shot into the air and onto Anna's face. Emma held the crotch of Anna's panties near my cock as, at first I shot over them onto the photo, then into the crotch.

This was what Emma had wanted. She wanted to watch me get off thinking about another girl. She told me she had told Anna about this and Anna said she wished her husband would do something similar. I told Emma to let Anna have some of her panties! Apparently their sex life is flagging a little too and Anna decided that she would take the lead in spicing things up. Who knows what may happen.

Afterwards, Emma practically raped me!



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