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Out of Nowhere

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Ok, I admit, I have a very high sex drive which was brought into being by an older, married man I met at University. He came into my life (and into me) at just the right point and led me to the most wondeful exploration of sex. Nothing was forbidden me, and he positively encouraged me to explore my sexuality. This included outdoor sex, and girl/girl.

Now it has been a while since University, and I have settled down into a pretty good place in my life. I don't have a regular partner, and because he taught me so many ways I can masturbate, I find that I only need the physical presence of another girl, or a man now and then. For me it works really well.

So, I was in Oxford Street, London today. Shopping? Naturally! Where? Harrods, of course. Its my annual treat to myself. So I was looking at the utterly fabulous clothes on display and decided to try on a really lovely evening dress.

In the changing rooms I slipped it on over my underwear. Unfortunately, the dress was so sheer it showed every little panty and bra line. So I took my bra off, and then my panties. For a moment, I stood naked with only the curtain shielding me from the other women trying on clothes and the young assistant they have in there. She doesn't look too bright, but her job is to notice if someone comes out with less than they went in!

For a second, I stood facing the curtain. If a draught had rippled it, she would have been looking right at me. She would have seen that I shave my vagina, that I have a tummy piercing, but she would have had to explore a little to find my VCH.

Even so, it was erotic. I slipped into the dress again and it fitted me perfectly. Yes, this was for me. (Even though it was eye-wateringly expensive) I stood admiring myself in it. The dress works on so many levels, not least the skirt part of it is not in one piece. It looks like it is, but in fact it is made of panels of material that are cut right up to waist height. This is a dress not only to be seen in, but also to be fucked in too.

Now, I don't know if I was taking longer than usual, but I do know I felt horny. I decided I was going to christen my new dress then and there. I reached between the panels. Oh, my, it was so easy to reach my clit. I leaned back onto the cubicle wall and spread my legs a little and started to ease my clit up hard and I knew this would not take long before I would be cumming.

I closed my eyes and got into my little rhythm. Then, I heard a voice. 'Excuse me miss. You can't do that in here.' I opened my eyes and the young girl shop assistant had come in and was speaking quietly to me. I wasn't about to stop though. I carried on masturbating and said 'I am going to buy this, and this is my way of christening it.

Then she said 'Should I go?' I looked into her eyes and there was a definite curiosity there. I said 'No. You can stay if you like. It won't take long.' She sat on the chair they give you, and watched me. I made sure she got a good look at my vagina and I made damn sure she knew when I came.

When I had finished, she was flushed across her neck and upper chest. So I said 'Do you want to finish?' She just nodded but instead of touching herself she leaned right back and opened her legs as far as her skirt would let her. Then she waited. Clearly, this was up to me. I knelt between her legs and hitched her skirt up a little until I saw her panties. Pale green and beautifully wet at the crotch. Lovely! I pressed the material against her and her her gasp. It wasn't much more than a fumble around really, Oh eventually, I got a finger under the material and inside her, but she came almost immediately with a series of rapid contractions and cute little sighs. Then she got up and left quickly. She could not have been much more than 18 if that, and I bet any money you like this was her first ever girl girl. I also know that she was a virgin too.

I smelled my fingers. Unmistakably fresh.

I wonder what she will do now. Go home and jill off? Fuck her boyfriend? Maybe find a girl?

I hope I have started something for her that Chris started for me all those years ago when I was 18.



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