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Out of Cum

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This really sucks, but I'll make it a positive for the rest of you.


The last four nights in a row, I have logged onto this site for about three to four hours per session. I love to read the stories on here, and in a matter of minutes I am very aroused. I usually rub my dick the entire time, about three hours straight, while reading and looking at porn. When I am ready to log off, I blow a huge load all over my floor/bed/towel and go to bed. Then, during the day, I typically take a break from all the hectic nonsense and masturbate again.

Last night, I had a normal session, but when I got off, I didn't cum. Literally one little drop of cum ran down the side of my dick. It still felt amazing, but I couldn't cum. I have tried masturbating three times since then, and I still can't get anything to shoot out, when usually I can shoot monstrous loads. I think I may be out of cum, temporarily of course.

Anyways, I wanted to share another story with you guys. I once submitted a story about a hotel in which I stayed. I also wrote a long time ago about a summer I spent with my cousin, nothing weird. I now wish to write about what happened to me about a month ago while I was attending a basketball camp with a couple of my buds.

I am the starting center for my school's basketball team. I am also the tallest at my school, which doesn't say much since the overall K-12 attendance is only about 600. I like to think of myself as being fairly attractive. I don't like to boast, and I'm certainly no model, but I am not ugly either. I am tall, skinny but strong, blond-haired and blue-eyed, and I have a happy and outgoing personality.

The other people that attended the camp with me were two guards and a forward, (simpler terms: they played the exact opposite position as me). We would often stay up late, walking around the big city at night looking for places to eat or just relax and talk.

One night, we decided to walk clear on the other side of town, about an hour of straight walking, just to eat at a fast food restaurant. We were sitting at a table waiting for our food, when an attractive girl about my age walked by carrying some trays, about to drop a few of them. I instinctively jumped up and grabbed a few of them and helped her to the kitchen where I waited for her to return for the rest of the trays. It was no more than a gesture of kindness and I honestly was not trying to flirt with her.

However, she turned out to be our waitress and when she did bring us our food, she laughed and smiled at me. We joked a little bit, and the other guys didn't question a whole lot. I just told them that I had talked to her on the way in. I tipped her fairly well, and we were walking out the door when she pulled me behind. I was last anyway, and the others were laughing and such and walked on out without me. She stopped me just to say thanks and that she had been feeling kind of down lately and that I had made her day just by helping out a little. She asked where we were playing at, and I told her that it was just a camp, but that I would come back the next day if she was working and talk if she wanted. She was off work the next day, so we just met up at the fast food joint.

We talked for a while, three hours or more actually, and I eventually had to leave, but I gave her my number before I left. I told her that we were staying at a fairly nice hotel, which had a large outdoor swimming pool behind it and that she should stop by and swim the next day. The next day, guess who shows up at the hotel?

We went for a swim, and enjoyed the hot tub for a while, (recurring theme huh?), then we decided to just cruise around the city. She lived close by and knew a lot about the place, so she showed me around. We visited the historic downtown, the (very) urban inner city strip, and ended our outing watching the sunset at the local park.

We got out of the car and sat at a picnic table. We already knew a lot about each other, and we were both running out of things to say, so the conversation rapidly switched to sex and things that we had done in the past. She asked me all kinds of questions about past girlfriends, what I had done, what I liked, what I didn't, and so forth. I in turn ask her very similar questions, and soon, we were both feeling a bit horny. I was starting to get hard, but nothing that I couldn't easily hide.

Suddenly, she asked me if I had ever 'played with myself.' I knew what she meant, despite the use of third-grade-level terminology, but I didn't know how to reply. I decided that the truth was the best choice, so I told her that I did indeed masturbate quite often. She giggled, and asked, 'What's it like? What's it feel like? How do you do it?' She asked a lot of questions all at once, so I just summed it up the best that I could. 'I just stroke myself until I orgasm, and shoot cum all over the place.'

She found that fascinating, which surprised me. I figured a pretty young girl like herself would have more knowledge than what she seemed to have. I then asked her if she did it, but she was slow to respond. She shyly admitted to doing it a few times in the past, but not on a daily basis. I told her that I found it sexy, and interesting, that she does masturbate, and has enough courage to talk about it. Most girls, in case you haven't noticed, won't talk about masturbation face to face.

We continued our chat, and after we finally realized that we could no longer see where we were at, we moved into her car. We just sat there for a while with the overhead lights on talking abut sex and masturbation, when when she finally said, 'Would you do, uhh.., what would you do with... me?' I would of course fuck the shit out of her tight little pussy until she couldn't walk, but that would probably have been a bad choice of words so I just said, 'I don't know. I guess it depends on what you would want to do.'

We got quiet for a while, and then she said, 'I guess we could kiss?' I looked her right in the eyes, and we both smiled. It wasn't a seductive sort of moment, but more of a 'laugh spontaneously for no apparent reason' sort of moment. We giggled for a bit, and then I said, 'Yeah, I guess we could give it a shot,' then I leaned over to her and started kissing. The first one was short, maybe five to ten seconds, but then we lifted the console out of the way and started an full-blown make out session.

I slowly started to feel around her waist and back, dropping lower every few seconds. She seemed to be fine with it, and I certainly was. We stopped after about fifteen minutes, and leaned back in our seats panting. 'That was pretty awesome,' I said. 'Oh yeah,' she replied, then looked at me, and I nodded my head towards the backseat, and smiled another spontaneous-laugh smile. She smiled, too, and we climbed into the backseat. As soon as she made it back there, I grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her in close to me. She shrieked and laughed simultaneously, and we started at it again. I eventually got daring enough to slip my hands between her thighs from behind her and massage the inside of her legs. At one point she stopped, looked at me, and said, 'Do you want to?' That's all she had to say and I could basically read her mind. I shook my head, still smiling, and she started to take her top off. She removed her bra, and I took off my shirt, then we kissed some more. Then she took off her skirt, and I took off my pants, revealing my growing hard-on.

'Wow, you kind of got a uhh...' she started.'

'What can I say? I have a beautiful girl almost naked on top of me, how could I hide it?'

She grabbed my boxers and pulled them off, and stared at it for quite some time. I eventually just told her to grab it. She started to play with it, and after a few minutes, she removed her panties and we started kissing again. Now, my dick was rubbing against her stomach and thighs, and once in a while I thought it would actually slip into her vagina.

After a few more moments, I sat up and she did, too. We took a few deep breaths and then I scooted closer and put my hand on her vagina. I started to rub her clit in circular motions, her on her back and me on top now. We started kissing again, but was frequently interrupted by her moans. She eventually got to the point where we had to stop kissing while I pleasured her. I stopped after a long period of time, and she then started to beat me off again. I showed her how to do it, but it didn't last long.

We started kissing again, and this time was the longest one yet. We kept at it for at least twenty minutes, with me touching her down there every so often, and her fondling my balls every now and again. When we were done there, I started to finger her. We agreed to not have sex, mostly because I didn't have a condom, (dammit!). She orgasmed loudly, and I assume nobody was close enough to hear, then she started to rub me again. I told her that I was getting ready to cum, and I was still on top of her, so we tried to move around to avoid getting it all over her, but that failed. I came on the inside of her leg, and on her stomach, and a little bit may have hit her crotch. She had a whole mess of cum on her hand, which she licked off. She then wiped the rest from her leg and stomach and wiped it on the seat. 'You sure do cum a lot, and it's really sticky,' she said. She put her skirt back on, minus the panties, and her shirt back on without the bra. I redressed outside the car, and she took me back to the fast food joint to get my car.

We met up again the next day, and we drove to the same spot. We pretty much did the same thing, but I got off first, and I came on her chest. Then, she got off, and we stayed and talked in the nude for another hour or so before I had to go back to the hotel. The next morning I had to leave, but we still keep in touch.

This was all before I lost my ability to cum.



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