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Out of Control in the Store

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Love the stories on this site. They usually do more to get me off than any pictures ever could. Anyway, hope you like my story. This happened yesterday.

After being out of town with a large group of people for a week, I hadn't had a chance to relieve any tension for a while (I'm used to masturbating almost everyday). On my way home (still an hour from home), I decided to stop by a large store to pick up a few things. I knew I'd probably strip and go crazy as soon as I got home, but I had no idea just how horny I really was.

On the way into the store, I saw this woman walking through the parking lot beside me. Being summer, she had on a tight sleeveless shirt and the most perfect, perky tits I'd seen in a week (and I don't think she was wearing a bra). I couldn't take my eyes off of her (she had to catch me repeatedly looking over at her as we walked into the store).

By this time, I'm pretty horny and remembered one time as a teenager, when I was trying on bathing suits at a department store, just losing control and jerking off right there in the dressing room. So, I walked by the dressing room one time and they had an attendant to let you in and out of the rooms and A LOT of customers around (particularly women waiting for the dressing rooms...it was a busy Saturday afternoon). So many people being around kind of scared me off for a few minutes. I tried to put the idea out of my mind (it seemed more risky now that I'm older, have responsibilities, etc.), but as I walked around the store, my heart started beating faster and faster. I could hardly breathe. I can't remember the last time I felt so desperate for an orgasm that I didn't care where I was or how long it took.

Finally, I just didn't care. I was so horny I was trembling. I saw that the clothing limit for the dressing room was six articles of clothing and I thought if I took six pairs of shorts in there, that should buy me more than enough time to frantically rub out a nice orgasm.

So, grabbing six pairs of shorts, I walked right past the line of several women waiting for a dressing room and the attendant put me in the VERY FIRST dressing room. Not only that, but these dressing rooms were right in the middle of this massive store, wide open at the top and with eight or ten inches open at the bottom of the door. When I closed and locked the door, the attendant was not more than three feet directly in front of my door and the line of women wasn't more than six or eight feet away. I could hear people all around me walking by, talking, coming in and out of dressing rooms. This only added to the excitement.

With my heart racing, I took off my shoes, shorts, and boxers as quickly as I could, sat down on the bench, and started rubbing my dick as fast as I could. I'm pretty sure I was already rock-hard when I took my shorts off, but it was all kind of a blur. The faster I went, the more I had to supress the moans I wanted to let out. I also kept hearing the lady attendant tell the women in line that all the dressing rooms were full, making my desperation to cum that much more urgent. People were waiting for this dressing room just a few feet away.

The voices of the women just a few feet away got me even more excited. I told myself there is no way anyone could know what I was doing, but when you are in the middle of something that feels so good in public, you can't help but think it is obvious what you are doing. Maybe someone could see that my feet were hardly moving enough to change shorts. Maybe someone noticed it was a little too quiet in that first dressing room (no zippers or clothes rustling around). Probably not, but the thought of any of those women or the female attendant having any idea what I was doing quickly pushed me over the edge.

After having stood up one time to watch myself in the mirror, I sat back down, grabbed my boxers, and biting my lip, finally pumped several huge shots of cum into the boxers I'd wrapped around my cock. After cleaning up for a couple of minutes, I stuffed my boxers into my shorts pocket, put my shorts back on (minus the underwear), grabbed the untouched clothes I had been 'trying on', and quickly left the dressing room area without looking anyone in the eye. With my knees weak, I just tossed the clothes on the nearest rack and got out of the store with perhaps the most relaxed and genuine smile I've had on my face in a long time.



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