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Out and about 3 (In Public Again)

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I really can't get enough of this site and I wanted to pass along my latest 'public' appearance as it was one of my best to date! With it being summer here I got to thinking about where I could go and be in close contact with large numbers of great looking girls while I was wearing my home made under the cloths vibrator (described in the comments for a specific contribution section on June 8th). Then it came to me...a local outdoor mall!

I arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and the day was warm and pleasant with a slight breeze. As soon as I got out of my car and began walking in through the court yards surrounded by stores I knew I had made a good call. There were great looking women in tight or small summer cloths walking slowly around and looking in the windows of all the shops. I could feel my dick start to stir before I even touched the vibrator control! I began walking slowly from window to window, and started moving the vibrator dial to a dull buzz. As a bonus stroke of luck they had music piped out into the court yards, which combined with the wide open space removed any fear of anyone hearing the pleasant buzz coming from my jeans. As I walked from window to window I was almost constantly in the presence of a gorgeous woman and with so many in tight tops or tight shorts or both I was having a really hard time keeping myself from just pushing the dial all the way up and blowing my load. But a big part of the fun is knowing that I'm out in public and surrounded by people as I slowly build towards my orgasm, I wanted to take my time so that when I did cum it would be intense. I began moving into the shops just to get an idea of where would be a good place to stand when I got ready to cum without looking out of place. The third store I went in was a jewelry store and it turned out to be the perfect location.

The store was just a large square of cases with a register and a couple sales staff in the center. At each corner was a small showcase of earrings and what not that you could rotate. The sales girl came up to my corner as soon as I arrived and asked if she could help me out so I told her that I was just browsing. She stepped back to the register and started talking with the other sales girl. She was about 19 or 20 years old, hot as hell and wearing a tight mini/poodle type of skirt with a short sleeve top that looked to be spray painted on and showed about two inches of belly.

I had the vibrator up close to high and was getting really close, thankfully the court yard music was also in all of the stores. She was about 5 feet away from me at the register and I was slowly turning one of the corner display cases, not looking at anything it in but looking just beyond its corner and thoroughly enjoying the view of my sales girl. I slowly pushed the dial up to the max and the egg was really humming on the end of my dick. I'm sure my cheeks must have been turning red. The orgasm began to build; I could feel growing tingling at end of my dick that slowly began to spread down the shaft.

I knew I couldn't hold off much more than a few seconds so I really took a close look at her spectacular body as she continued to chat with her co-worker. I felt a small wave of pre-cum roll up the length of my penis and dribble out. There was no turning back now. I dropped the vibrator to a little under half speed and braced for my orgasm. My ass clenched and a big shot of cum surged up my shaft and gushed out the tip. I almost groaned but managed to stay composed. A second wad of cum fired up my cock and out. I imagine my eyes were a bit fluttery at this point but no body seemed to even notice I was there. My orgasm began to subside as a third, smaller shot, rolled out of my cock.

I dropped the vibrator down to off and let out a slow quiet sigh as I drifted through the post orgasm fog and my cock pulsated out the remaining drips of cum. My sales girl continued to chat it up with her co-worker and I smiled as I was about to turn and leave the store; she would never know how much she just contributed to an extremely intense orgasm. I wonder what she would think if she knew.



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