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Our Third Time!

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I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal about their 'first time'. For me, my first two times were Ok but nothing special. But my third time was the begining of something very special!

My family had moved to a new town during the summer before I started fifth grade. I started school that fall knowing no one. It was difficult to make friends because all these kids had grown up together and were not eager to accept a 'stranger'. Plus, I was kind of shy so I really did not make an effort to get myself into a 'group'. Needless to say my first semester there sucked. Over Christmas break a new family moved in next door and my mom insisted that I go with her to take a plate of cookies to our new neighbors. Reluctantly I went with her.

We rang the doorbell. The door swung open and we were greeted by a scrawny sandy messy haired, blue eyed boy about my age wearing bib overalls with no shirt underneath! Kind of reminded me of Dennis the Menace! Something started stirring in me-a feeling like I had never felt before! As we chatted I learned that his name was Kyle and he was 11 just like me. They had just moved to the city from a very small town down south. The first time Kyle spoke I knew they were southerners by his accent. For the rest of the break Kyle and I started to hang out. Turned out we had a lot in common. I liked hanging out with Kyle but was also afraid that things would change once he met the 'cool' kids at school.

Turns out my fears were unfounded because the other kids shunned him much the same way they did me. So Kyle and I kept to ourselves and became very close friends. One weekend, in February, Kyle's parents had to go back south to take care of some family business and asked if Kyle could stay with us. I was excited to have my friend sleepover because that had not happened since we moved! Kyle was excited too because he had never been to a sleepover at a friend's house before!

Being from the south Kyle had never played in snow before. We played in the snow, built a fort, and had a snowball fight. We were soaking wet and the temperatures dropped quickly-time to go in. We were both freezing cold and shivering. Mom ordered us to strip in the laundry room and go take hot showers while she made us hot cocoa. We stripped and ran through the house naked to my bathroom. This was not an issue since I was an only child and mom was out of view in the kitchen. When we got to the bathroom I told Kyle he could shower first. He said we could shower together because he was used to showering with his cousins at his grandparents house. So we got into the shower and that was the first time I really noticed his naked body. Honestly, it was the first time I had ever seen another boy naked! As we showered I felt those weird feelings in my stomach again but had no idea what they were. All I knew was I really liked looking at his hairless little dick and liked knowing he was looking at mine! We had our cocoa and then dinner before watching a movie with my mom and dad. Then it was time for bed. We went to my room which had two twin beds in it. I put on my PJs and climbed into bed. Kyle stripped off his clothes and climbed into his bed naked! He said he slept like that all the time and that I should try it. I stripped of my PJs and started to get hard from the feeling of the cool crisp sheets against my naked body. Soon we were both jacking off in our seperate beds under the covers. It was fun but I really wanted to see him hard and watch him stroke.

Fast forward a couple of months to spring break. Kyle invited me to his house for a sleepover. I was very excited hoping beyond all hope that something more would happen this time. Not a minute too soon it was bed time. We got to his room which had only a double bed in it so we would have to share it. I watched as Kyle stripped naked and climbed into bed. I quickly did the same diving under the blankets so he would not see my hard dick. Well he had and said that we should jack-off since he was hard too. Still hidden under the blankets we start to stroke when all of the sudden Kyle throws back the blankets exposing our hardons to each other! It was so cool seeing his hard little dick that I quickly had my dry orgasm. Kyle must of been excited too because he came right away. We covered up and went to sleep. Now I had seen him hard and watched him stroke but something was still missing.

Once school let out Kyle and I did not see much of each other over the summer. He spent much of the summer at his grandparents farm helping out and I traveled quite a bit with my parents. But what I remember most about that summer is that I started sprouting hair around my dick, it got much bigger, and I was shooting cum! I could not wait to show Kyle! Summer ended, school started, and things were getting back to 'normal'. I could tell Kyle had changed over the summer too because I could see armpit hair when he wore his bibs with no shirt! We both were turning 12 in September so we decided to celebrate our birthdays together. Our parents took us out for a nice dinner complete with singing wait staff and cake! Pretty embarassing for a couple of 12 year olds. They offered to take us to a movie or something afterwards but we declined. Instead Kyle suggested that I sleepover at his house and both sets of parents said that was a good idea! My heart was racing I was so excited.

We got to his house and watched some TV before heading off to bed. Kyle closed the door to his room and locked it. 'Dude I got something to show you' He says.

'Me too' I reply as we both begin to strip. We stood inches apart as we exposed our naked flesh. My dick was getting harder by the second. As we dropped our pants we just stared at the bulges in our tighty whities. Without saying a word we both dropped our underwear to the floor and gazed at each other's changed dicks. Kyle's was about 5 inches long with low hanging balls and a nice patch of blond hair. Mine was about the same except I had thick curly brown pubes! 'Dude, looks like you need to jack as much as I do!' Kyle said breaking the akward silence.

'I sure do!' I said while climbing under the sheets. Kyle just pulled the blankets all the way back exposing my naked body again as he climbed into the bed with me. We both could not wait another second and started stroking our rock hard dicks! I could not believe the feeling. It felt better doing it with him. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins as my dick throbbed and tingled.

'Wanna see what my cousin taught me this summer?' Kyle asked devilishly.

'Ya' I responded eagerly. With that Kyle reached over and started stroking my dick! Before I could even grab his, I started cumming like never before! My hips were thrusting uncontrollably as I blasted stream after stream of my boy juice everywhere! After I had calmed a bit, I took hold of his leaking cock and before long he was moaning and squirting rope after rope of his jizz-ALL over ME! We both just layed there side by side recovering!

10 minutes later Kyle starts playing with my now half hard dick so I play with his too. Soon we are both stiff again and ready to go. Kyle positions himself so we are in a 69. I really liked that because it was easier to stroke and the view of his hard dick upclose was really turning me on. We lay there slowly pleasuring one another. Next he pulled out some lube which was another first for me! As he slowly lubed my rigid cock I began to experience feeling like none other. The change in Kyle's breathing told me he was enjoying things too. Since we had just cum a few minutes before we were both able to last a lot longer this time. Next Kyle repositioned himself so that we were facing each other with his now hairy legs draped over mine and our dicks only a couple of inches apart! We again started stroking each other until Kyle scrunched in even closer so our dicks were touching. He took our dicks and stroked them as one. The feeling of his dick rubbing against mine coupled with our hair and balls grinding together soon thrust us both over the edge. Kyle just kept stroking as we orgasmed simutaniously. By the time we were both satisified we were covered in cum and lube. Kyle went and got a couple of wet wash cloths and we proceeded to wipe each other clean.

That night for the first time we held each other close and talked about what had happened agreeing that we both REALLY liked it. Our eyes lock and I decided to go for it. I leaned in even closer and started to kiss Kyle! He was suprised but did not end it. Instead he thrust his tongue into my mouth causing us both to pop a bone again! He rolled over on top of me and we humped each other until we shot another load! This time we did not wipe it up. We just left it to dry between our bodies as we drifted off to sleep! It was the best birthday ever for the both of us!

So you see, my first and second times were not that special-but that third time I will never forget! A few weeks later Kyle invited me down to his grandparents farm to help with the harvest and meet his cousin. More on that another time-let's just say that haylofts can be lots of fun!!



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