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Our Strip Club Visit

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Not too long after I turned 21, a couple of friends convinced me to go to a strip club with them, because they assured me it would be fun. They had been there before, and I found out later that night, they had left out a few key pieces of information that I might have wanted to know beforehand.

After we walked in there was a room off to the side with a bunch of lockers and they told me that here, if a woman is willing to go naked, they get their cover charge back, you just had to give them your ID so you wouldn't skip on a bar tab. I told them I wasn't doing that, but they said they are, and have before. I just stood there watching them strip down and finally broke down and told them to hold up. They squealed and clapped as I stripped off my clothes, glad that I had trimmed my pubic hair recently. All three of us now nude, we walked in past anyone else having to pay. I guess it was a good thing because otherwise it would have been $20, a ridiculous amount 15 years ago for someone in college with no job.

When we got inside I saw a few other women sitting at tables or at the bar naked, so it made me a little more comfortable. We took a booth in the corner and a few minutes later a waitress came up and asked what we were drinking, and after we ordered she asked if we were running a tab or doing 'the show', and at the same time they both smiled and said 'the show!' After she left I asked them what they were talking about, and I was told that if you get up on stage and fool around, you get a bracelet and drink for free all night. I said there was no way in hell I was doing that, but they kept pushing me and pushing me to go along with them. I said that I would feel like a slut if I did that, but I started to notice a few of the other women walking around with the same bracelet. It wasn't until after I decided I would go ahead and do it.

My heart was about to beat out of my chest because I was so scared, but after a couple of drinks I started to loosen up a little bit, and I was ready to go. Pretty soon it was our turn, and the three of us walked up onto the stage with the music blasting. It took a minute to get a rhythm going, but watching them shake their asses and pussies in the guys' faces, I started getting into it. Not only that, I was really starting to feel horny from my nude show. Almost instinctively my hand ran down to my damp slit, lightly fondling my clit and making me tingle. I decided I really needed to get off so I got down on all fours, full on masturbating in front of the group. I couldn't tell if they were stunned or cheering, I was in my own world, trying to build to an orgasm. It wasn't until I felt someone on me that one friend was rubbing and kneading my ass and the other scooted around running her hands through my hair, squatting down with her vagina right in my face. It wasn't another minute before I started panting and moaning, and finally my orgasm hit me, making me shake and buck on stage, them holding me and the guys around us going nuts.

They helped me up and when we walked off we got our bracelets. When we were at our table a couple of older guys tried coming over and talking to us, but we shooed them away, telling them we were here with each other. Even after our show, side by side we sat there and masturbated, feet up and toes gripping the edge of the table, not caring who was around or watching.

The next morning I couldn't believe what happened, at first feeling dirty and embarrassed, but as the day went on it was almost kind of funny, acting like we did and almost being encouraged to. A few more times we went back, and those times I didn't have to be convinced to strip.



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