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HELLLO! My friend nikita came around to my house showing off her new vibrating mobile phone. we were both sat on the computer when nikita told me about this website. we went on it and was reading all the stories when we came to one which was explaining about how she masturbates. whilst we were reading it, it sent a tingle up my fanny(a sensational feeling i have never felt before )i din't tell my friend as i thought she would laugh. as we were reading the stories my other friend amy came in my room. me and nikita didn't want anyone to know we had been on this sight as we thought they would laugh at us but as soon as amy started reading all of the letters she got really interested. as we carried on reading them i noticed amy's nipples started to point at me. i wasn't sure if she was sexually excited or just cold. as we carried on amy just came out with ' oh this gives me a tingle down my vagina, does it you? 'i looked at nikita when i noticed a smile crop up as she answered, 'yes, yes it does' when we had finished reading them we were all sat on my bed when amy said ' i liked that feeling ' and we all agreed. we weren't sure if it was a thrill or not being as we were 13. I was laid on nikitas phone when all of a sudden it started vibrating. it felt great. i told the others and they all had a go. we all decided to try and get the feeling again because we liked it so much, when nikita decided that we should all give each other thrills. we were all very excited as it was all a new experience for us. i took them into my sisters room were i had noticed some sex magazines but never paid much attention to them. we were sat reading them and taking things in .15 minutes later we were all ready and had decide what we were going to do. we were going to take it in turns ;i put nikitas vibrating phone on her fanny and started moving it, nikita tickled amys fanny and amy played with my hairs (which i didn't have very many of) we all had a great night and i think we all had a b
one night everyone was around my house again all touching our fannys and giving ourselves a thrill. it was so much more exciting this time as my mum and dad were only in the next room. we each got a photo out of the lad we fancied and started rubbing our fannys. it was all getting so good and everyone was at the point just before the thrill were your heart beats faster and your breathing gets heavier. we were all just at the best moment when my mum walked in on us. we all stopped doing it but our breathing was still heavy. 'what are you doing girls what's wrong?' said my mum. i was stuck i just didn't no what to say when nikita told her we had been exercising and we were breathless. she was really concerned and was even considering calling the doctor out. we convinced her that we were fine but she told the girls to go home. when they got up there was liquid all over the cover, i had to tell her i had wet the bed. it was so embarrassing still don't know to this day if she believed me but now i just do it alone when no one is in the house and i love it!



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