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Our Sitter's Tattoo

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My husband and I had just returned home from a night out to dinner and I was going to take our new sitter home. Our previous sitter was away at college and Sheila (18) came highly recommended. Just as Sheila and I were heading for the front door I noticed that she had an extra button undone on her blouse. I could just barely see a small part of a tattoo that she had on her one breast. I also noticed that she wore no bra. I can't believe I didn't notice that when I picked her up and brought her to our house.

As I drove I glanced over at Sheila in an attempt to get another quick look at the tattoo. It was on her right breast and with the blouse quite open I got a good view of the tattoo as well as most of her breast. Sheila caught me looking and asked me if I liked her tattoo. I apologized for looking and Sheila just laughed it off. I told her I couldn't really see it in the dark interior of my car. She told me it was a tattoo of a butterfly. I just said, 'Oh, sounds nice.' I pulled up to her house a few minutes later.

Before getting out Sheila said, 'let me show you my butterfly.' Before I could say a word she pulled her entire breast out of her blouse and cupped it toward me so I could clearly see her tattoo. I looked, but not so much at the tattoo as I did her lovely and obviously erect nipple. I hadn't seen a woman's breast or nipple since PE class in high school. I felt a shot of adrenalin course through my body and down to my pubic area.

Sheila then said, 'touch it.' I reached over and ran my finger across her tattoo. She again said, 'touch it.' I knew what she meant. My mind immediately said, 'don't.' I hesitated for maybe two seconds and then I let the pad of my pointer finger rest on her nipple. Sheila said, 'feel it.' I now took the nipple between my thumb and pointer and began to roll it. I then squeezed it lightly as I listened to Sheila say, 'that feels so nice.' I slid across the front seat toward her and put the nipple in my mouth and sucked. I then saw light coming from the house as the front door opened. I quickly slid back to behind the wheel. Sheila buttoned up her blouse and as she opened her door she said, 'let's get together again.' I mumbled, 'great.'

When I returned home, I was very aroused and I went into the bathroom and stripped naked. I then masturbated hard while thinking of Sheila and how I played with her nipple.

I don't know if we'll get together again outside of her sitting for us. I think if we tried it would be awfully risky for both of us. Of course that's not to say I don't want to.

I have never had a sexual experience with a woman and the idea of doing so really excites me. Especially with someone like Sheila.

To tell the truth, I have excited myself as I sit here typing out my story.



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