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Our Secret

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The moment I saw my now son-in-law my heart skipped a beat. He is 6ft 5' built like a heavywieght boxer plus the fact he is black. I have never told anybody but I have always found black men so sexy.

I am sure there a millions of women who find thier daughters men attractive. They come round for tea etc family do's etc. As time passed I did not even see him as the hunk he is he was just Chris.

When they got married however it was decided that they would move in with me and my husband for six months while their house was being built. That is when the problems started.

Chris has a tendancy to walk around topless at every opportunity. I have lost count of the times I have seen him in boxer shorts. But the time I nearly passed out was when I came home early to find him sprawled across the sofa in the tightest black briefs you have ever seen. How I did not pounce on him god only knows.

He also started to hug me. When I am cooking he comes behind me puts his massive arms round my waist and asks what's for dinner. He thinks the sharp intake of breath I do is due to the tightness of his squeeze. It's not!

I would be a liar if I said I did not start to dress up a bit for him. Low cut tops, shorter skirts etc, my husband even commented.

We have a big garden and even before they came I used to sunbathe when I could. This day I was alone and the weather was fantastic. So I put on a bikini and went in the garden. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know two powerful hands are rubbing suncream into my back. I turn around quick to see Chris in a pair of swimming trunks. He said 'good I will do your front now' I just could not speak.

He started to massage my stomach moving up to my tits. I just let him. He kept repeating this then he switched to my legs he squirted the cream slowly up my right leg still squirting it he went over my bikini bottoms and down my other leg.

He then started to rub the cream in from my ankles and worked so slowly up my leg. All I could think of was what he would do when he got to my bikini bottoms. By the time he got to my thighs I was virtually hyper ventilating. I remember actually feeling my juices running down the side of my leg. When he got to the top of my leg I had THE MOST INCREDIBLE ORGASM OF MY LIFE.

He never touched me intimately once. It took me an age to recover. I looked up at him and he simply put a finger to his lips and went inside.

He has his hands all over me everytime we are alone. He sends me pictures of his huge cock. I just can't delete them from my phone. I have sent him pictures of me doing outrageous things. Amazingly we have never talked about what happened and it has not happened again. The guilt I feel is terrible but the lust is all consumming, they leave in the next month. I dreamt they had gone already the other night and I woke up having a panic attack. I have to have him I just have to. You must think I am a terrible mother but I have just lost control.



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