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Our Neighbors

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Frank's wife came home


You may remember my previous story about Our Neighbor Frank who was visiting our house while his wife, Alice, was out of town. We thought our little adventure would be a secret shared between the three of us. I had no idea he would tell Alice all about it. We were visiting one evening, as we do often, after Alice returned to town. Alice thanked us for having Frank over for dinner while she was gone, and we smiled and said something like, 'Of course, it was our pleasure.' 'That's what I heard,' said Alice, then she and Frank started to laugh.

Janet and I just looked at each other and then we realised that Frank had told her everything! 'Frank told me what happened and how much fun he had.' We just sat there in disbelief and Alice proceeded to tell us how she and Frank met.

Years ago, while they were in school, it was Pledge Week and Alice was pledging into a sorority and Frank was pledging into a fraternity. By tradition, the men had to strip naked and be blindfolded. They were led into a room where the sorority pledges were waiting. The men could not see the ladies but could hear them giggling and talking. Of course, by now, all of the men had raging hard-ons and could only guess what was to come next. She said there were a variety of cocks of differing sizes and shapes. Some were curved and some were straight. Some were fat and some were skinny. Some were long and some were short, and some were uncircumcised. 'Frank's cock stood out amongst the crowd,' she said, 'his was probably the largest one there and definitely the straightest one.' It seems she took some pride in describing Frank's cock. The men formed a circle in the middle of the room and were told to take off their blindfolds. The task for the sorority pledges was to make the men climax by moving from one to the next and stroking them. But it was done like musical chairs. The men stood in a circle, facing out and the girls walked around the circle and had to stop when the music stopped. They were to stroke the cock they stood in front of until the music started, and then proceed around the circle until the music stopped again, and they could only touch their cocks. The room was filled with the rest of the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters and they were all watching. Each time a man could not hold back their climax and shot their wad, he would have to get out of the circle and so would the girl. The last man and girl standing would be crowned King and Queen of the Pledges. Some guys didn't last long and shot off rather quickly, to the hoots and catcalls from the crowd. She said Frank was almost crowned King, but he couldn't hold back his juice when a hot red-head got hold of him. She was standing next to Frank when he lost the crown and she was impressed by the long arches of cream he shot. They wound up dating through college and married soon after.

She said that ever since that night she has been addicted to masturbating Frank and watching him shoot, and she admitted she has also accommodated some of Franks friends, with Frank's approval. 'When Frank told me what happened here while I was out of town I was little surprised. Janet, I had no idea you enjoyed that kind of thing too.' Janet just smiled and said, 'Are you kidding? Of course I enjoy that. Who doesn't?'

It was fantastic to think that Frank and Alice were so open about it and willing to share. We had only fantasized about such things and had only acted on our impulses that time with Frank. We had replayed it over and over whenever we made love together (or alone) and it always got our juices flowing. Now the possibilities were rushing toward us as we realized what Alice was telling us. Our juices were flowing as soon as Alice started telling us her story.

Alice suggested that instead of playing cards that night, we should close the curtains and 'get comfortable, if you know what I mean...' We all knew what she meant, and we were all willing. The ice was broken and we could hardly wait to get started. Frank said, 'We could all just get undressed, but I think it would be fun to undress each other. I liked the way Janet opened my pants the last time and now I want to reveal your bodies.' 'OK' we said not knowing quite how this was going to work. We all stood up and approached each other. To my surprise, Frank reached over and unbuttoned my shirt and Alice started to unbutton Janet's blouse. I did likewise to Frank and Janet pulled Alice's T-shirt over her head. Then Alice unzipped my pants and pushed them down, and Janet pulled down Frank's pants. Now we were all in our underwear and it was fun slowly shedding each other's clothes. I got a particular rush when Alice uncovered my cock and circled her hand around it. At the same time she tugged down Janet's panties revealing her trimmed pussy. 'Nice,' she said, 'very nice.' This was the sexiest experience I ever had, here was Alice standing in front of us, holding my cock and cupping Janet's pussy. Frank reached around and removed his wife's panties baring her pussy. Janet always get dripping wet when excited and this did not go unnoticed by Alice. 'Let's take care of the boys first and then I'll show your pussy a good time.' Wow, I couldn't believe this was happening.

Frank and I sat next to each other on the couch with Alice and Janet leaning over us, playing with our cocks. We were in heaven. 'Let's see who will be crowned King tonight,' said Alice as she had one hand on my cock and the other on Frank's. Janet's hands were fondling our balls and running up over Alice's hands. The girls were telling us to take our time because they were having so much fun. The look on both their faces confirmed that they were indeed having a wonderful time jacking us off. I looked at Jack's giant cock and could see it turning red. Then I realised mine was just as red and dripping. Our breathing quickened as the girls started telling us how good we felt and how they were anticipating our release of cum. They sensed our impending climax and started going faster. It is hard to tell which one of us was going to come first, as we were both feeding off each other's excitement. Then they started telling us to shoot. 'Come on honey, shoot for me!' 'I want to see you spurt!' 'That's right, come on, shoot it!' We were both getting close, it was so intense. I saw Frank going over the edge and I couldn't hold off any longer. We both let loose at the same time, spurt after spurt of hot jism shooting straight up like fountains. Janet has never jacked two cocks like this before. She started cheering and laughing. It was great. The sight of these two beautiful women tending to our straining cocks was tremendous. Something that will never be forgotten.

'You boys sure made a mess.' 'Look at you guys... you are both covered in come.' They trotted off to the bathroom to get towels with their arms around each other reiterating how much fun this is. We just sat back totally exhausted until they came back to clean us up. It was declared a tie and no King was crowned that night.

After we were cleaned up, Alice said, 'Now you boys sit back and enjoy the show, because now I want to play with this pretty little pussy,' as she turned to Janet. Janet smiled broad and said 'Yea, now it's our turn!' as they embraced.

Maybe I can get Janet to sit down, some day, and write up her version of this story and she can tell you how she and Alice spent the rest of the night.



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