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Our Neighbor Frank

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A fantasy come true...


My wife, Janet and I love to share fantasies and tell each other stories to get our 'juices' flowing while we are having sex. My wife has told me on numerous occasions that she has fantasies about one of our neighbors. He lives several doors down the street from us and he and his wife are very good friends with us and we do a lot together.

Last week Frank's wife went out of town for a while to visit relatives in another county. We wanted to have Frank over and explore possibilities of some sexual play with him. We had invited Frank to our house for dinner and to watch a DVD movie. We have a multiple DVD player and when we started the movie I 'accidently' started playing a porno DVD while my wife was still in the kitchen cleaning up. I said 'Wow that's not the movie I wanted to start' But I didn't stop it. I made some comment about the babe on the screen and Frank agreed with me. So far so good, as Frank did not object to watching more of the action on the screen.

A few more comments, and Frank was also saying how hot the action was. My wife was in the kitchen listening to us and was waiting for the right moment to enter. A scene came on that showed a woman playing with this guy's cock. She was fondling his balls and started stroking his cock as it grew bigger and bigger. My cock was growing too and from the looks of the bulge in Frank's pants, so was his. I said something like 'Boy she really knows how to do that' and Frank quickly agreed and said he could use some action like that since his wife was out of town. We were getting even more excited because we acted like we were watching this without my wife knowing and that we should stop before she finishes up in the kitchen and comes in here and sees what we are watching. Of course it was too late, as my wife walks in and says 'What the hell are you guys watching? That's not the movie we rented' I acted embarrassed and said, 'no it's not, but we want to see the end of this hot scene' My wife stands there and watches as the camera concentrates on this guy's cock which is now turning red and is getting the attention of this womans hands and mouth. She says 'You guys are bad!'

'We're not so bad,' I say, 'we are just getting into this. This is really turning me on, and I think Frank likes it too' I start to rub my cock through my pants and straighten it out to be more comfortable in its confinement. 'Come on relax, we are all adults here'

'Yes, I can see Frank likes it too, he can't hide his excitement' Frank gets embarrassed and turns red, trying to hide his growing cock. 'Its ok Frank,' my wife says, 'I would think there was something wrong with you if you weren't getting excited. Alice has been gone for almost a week now and I bet you could use some relief?'

I pulled out my cock and started to slowly stroke it. Frank was speechless and did not believe what he was seeing. My wife said, 'Now look what you have done, you've let out the weasle and shocked Frank.'

'Come on Frank, loosen up,' I said, 'I know you want to jack off and I bet Janet would love to see your cock.'

He just looked from me to Janet, and said he would love to but could not do that. Janet said 'It's ok Frank, I WOULD like to see your cock. It looks like it needs some attention.' She then went over to Frank and put her hand on his bulging pants and encouraged him to let go and that it would be alright. She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and reached in to free his cock. His cock sprang free and grew even more. It was a thrill to see this unfold before my eyes. Here was my gorgeous wife acting out one of her favorite fantasies right in our living room. Her cool hands caressed his hot flesh and she was impressed how big he was getting. I must say he was much bigger than me and much bigger than we had ever imagined. Frank was still speechless. His cock was standing tall with a huge purple plum for a head. A few drops of pre-cum were oozing out and Janet gently spread it along its length and it started to glisten.

Janet said, 'Now that's better. You boys look much more comfortable.' She looks over to me and says, 'Frank is our guest and I want to give him some special attention.' We have long forgotten the scene on the TV screen, as my wife pays special attention to Frank's cock. Her expertise far outshines the porn star any day, and seeing this live performance far surpasses any video. Watching her handle Frank was wonderful and I knew she was greatly enjoying this. She rubbed the head of Frank's cock and he was in heaven. She continued to stroke him and play with his cockhead. She was having too much fun. The smile on her face was amazing. He was getting close to shooting, and she encouraged him by saying, 'Come on Frank, shoot your cum. I want to see it spurt out of your beautiful cock. Cum for Janet. Janet wants to see you shoot.' This was bringing me to the point of no return too. Just as she rubbed the tip of his cock one more time, he let out a tremendous groan and shot his cum on the side of her arm. 'That's it Frank, shoot it all over me!' This was too much for me and I also shot my cum in a series of hot spurts. I couldn't believe how strong my climax was. Maybe the strongest ever. Seeing Janet with Frank's cum on her arm was wonderful. Better than I thought possible.

After we calmed down and caught our breath, we seemed embarrassed and Frank said he should leave. Janet got towels from the kitchen and we cleaned up. When Frank left he said he enjoyed himself and thanked us for a great evening. I think we might do it again.



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