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Our Gym Teacher

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I was 18 and during my second year of PT college we were taught rope climbing during gym. It was really hard work but we soon realised how horny it made us as the thick rope rubbed between our thighs and we soon all had juicy knickers. Sometimes the boys would join us and to make matters worse they usually got huge erections and a few of them must have cum because you could see the wet patches soaked in the front of their shorts. When we were waiting we had to sit cross legged in a circle feeling my puss throbbing inside my tight shorts and I would glance between the thighs of the other girls seeing the tight shorts cutting into their crotches, often their panties would be bulging out of the sides and damp with their juice. Our teacher, Miss Grey was very young as she was still in teacher training and I believe she got turned on by the rope climbing, watching the boys trying to hide their erections. Miss Grey wore really tight shorts and after showing us how to climb the rope her shorts were always sucked right up her fanny and you could see her nipples poking through her shirt. One afternoon she was showing the class how well I locked my thighs around the rope and used my legs to push myself up the rope. I had to stay on the rope for ages and after a bit it felt so nice jammed tight between my thighs and right against my pussy. As Miss talked to the class I began to squeeze my thighs tighter and I could feel my lips swelling and panties soaked with my juice. Miss then put her hand on my bum to help me hang on as she chatted making a joke she didn't want me to fall off. By now I was so horny and the way miss was holding me made me shiver with pleasure She had her hand right under my bum cheek and I am sure she was massaging my pussy through my shorts, by now I was in heaven and flexing my thighs for all I was worth, the rope was jamming my shorts and panty crotch right against my clit which was on fire. Then she moved her fingers and pressed the rope even tighter between my thighs saying it was how tight we gripped the rope between our thighs was what made climbing the rope easy. All of a sudden Miss moved her hand and I slid back down the rope and cumming as it slid between my legs. I was exhausted and had to sit down, I had a huge damp patch on my crotch and a bright red rope burn on the inside of my thigh which really stung. For the next bit of the lesson I sat out and tried to calm myself down but I was so horny. Miss then got the rope and jammed it between her thighs saying that this is what she wanted everybody to practice next. As I sat there I watched my friends getting hornier by the second squeezing their bum muscles and getting a nice rub from the thick rope, Miss even patted a few on their bums saying to squeeze harder and one girl let the rope fall from between her legs so Miss put the rope back between her thighs and held it there while she practiced squeezing against it. Sadly it was the end of the lesson and a class of extremely horny girls ran off to get changed, all of us with a throb still between our thighs. As I passed Miss she told me to go to the treatment room and lie on the couch as she needed to sort out the rope burn on my thigh. Miss came in and shut the door behind her and told me to bend my leg at the knee so she could get some cream on the inside of my thigh where the burn was. As I did this the crotch of my shorts pulled tight against me and I jerked as I was still so horny. As Miss began to rub the cream in it took away the burning and I closed my eyes. Her soft hand on the inside of my thigh was so nice and as she rubbed the cream in she also began to massage my thigh, occassionally her fingers would bump against the edge of my shorts which were now ridden right up against my pussy, the centre seam had dug right into my slip spreading my wet lips wide apart and the friction on my clit was unbearable. I couldn't help but rock forwards against her fingers as they ran up the inside of my thigh and before long her fingers were all over the front of my shorts, massaging my damp panties further into my slit. Next I felt her fingers go under the edge of my shorts and all over my soft cotton panties which were soaking with my juices and just about holding in my swollen lips. Miss asked if the rope climbing had made us horny, all I could do was mumble as i rode her fingers, both my legs now splayed far apart and her fingers working my damp panty crotch to bring me to orgasm. Afterwards she said how gym made her so horny and she couldn't help herself. I had the best day ever and enjoyed many lessons after that one.



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