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Our First Time, Back in 1971

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I visit Solo Touch quite often to satisfy my needs. But as I'm sure a few people may realise, a few of the stories are blatantly made up. I thought for the benefit of those who realise, I'd submit my first discovery of masturbation, back in the 70's.

When I mention 'we', I'm talking about me and my two friends, George and Nathan. George and Nathan were those stereotypical 'midgets' of the class, both roughly the same height and smallest in the class, I on the other hand was average height, but they were definately the shortest. We all had dark brown hair, me and george had blue eyes, and Nathan had dark brown eyes, they both had freckles and sounded similar, but George had a slightly nasal voice. We all had longish hair, but mine was the longest with a slight kink in the end.

It was early summer I guess, as it was hot and we were still in school. The school uniform didn't help, a heavy shirt and a long tie, though being the 70's, we had to wear those terrible short shorts, black corduroy ones for us, but they were cooler than trousers, which helped. We were in secondary school, we were entering our last lesson of the day, which happened to be PD, or personal development, known as PSHE to most I suppose, in which we got the hugely embarrassing puberty talk, they even talked about masturbation which of course we had no idea about at the time, but we giggled our way through it, like you do, and finished the day at 3:20pm.

Me, George and Nathan all legged it about a mile down the road to our regular play area, it was just a small wood with a huge overgrown clearing the middle, if that makes sense, and we used to muck about in there quite often. We decided to play a game called takedown, where the object of the game was basically to run after each other and take them to the floor. We played that game 'till we could no longer stand up.

All three of us collapsed in a heap together, to catch our breath, when I was caught by surprise when Nathan decided to mount me as a joke. His bum was facing my face and he lay on my torso, he obviously thought sticking his bum in my face was hilarious. Then, through his shorts I noticed something pressing on me, to my astonishment he had a stiffy, what had only been mentioned about an hour earlier was inches from my face, I was astonished. I'd no idea he was even capable.

I shouted 'Nathan your willy is all hard, get off!', we had limited terminology at that age, and he rolled off and went bright red. George giggled and I just looked at him with a mildly surprised look.

George exclaimed 'hey you can do that masturbation thing now', Nathan laughed nervously and I followed with 'I suppose he can, yeah!' I dragged myself towards George and wispered in his ear, to 'go along with everything', and I then said to Nathan 'we'll both do it with you, if you want, you get to know what it feels like to do it with a girl then!'

He really quietly said 'okayyy...' George swiftly looked at me wide eyed, slightly shocked I assume, and a rush of goosebumps and a wave of heat came over me. It was an exhilterating thought that I was going to try it, and with my two best friends too!

'let's undress at the same time then', I said. They were suprisingly willing, they probably wanted to know what it felt like with a girl, so we removed our ties first and started to unbutton our shirts, and once the shirts were off we laid them on the floor to create something to shield us from the really long grass, then off came the short shorts leaving us just in y-fronts, or briefs as you may know them.

We removed them at the same time, I went 'three.....two....one....' and down they went. We all stood there stark naked looking at each other, we'd never seen anyone else naked before so it was a new experience. To my surprise neither Nathan nor George had pubic hair, though it wasnt a massive shock because of their height etc. I didnt have much myself, only a few strands on the scrotum, nothing on top. Apart from that we were all the same anyway, no hair on the body and a high pitched voice as is the way at that age.

We lay on our shirts in the long grass, which shielded us completely from few, so we could only see each other and nobody else could see us. George exclaimed 'well how do you reckon you do this then?', I replied with 'well the teacher said you can stroke it up and down'

So thats what we did, I was hard at the thought, of it all happening, my heart was racing, Nathan was hard throughout the undressing so me must had been hard for about 20 minutes already, George wasn't but started to be when he started to masturbate. We all faced each other going at it with intrepidation, wanting something to happen, and after about five minutes we were all breathing heavily. I was sweating slightly, the hot sun on me felt wonderful, the breeze through the long grass felt even nicer all around my naked body, and I could see nathan was really getting into it now, he was moaning slighty and thrusting instinctively. 'is it working then?' I said, he nodded at me.

And about a minute later, Nathan orgasmed. He let out a long high pitched moan and a clear liquid dribbled off the tip of his willy, only a drop though. I was soon after him, the experience was bliss, it started to creep up on me and then bam, my whole body was ecstacy, I had full body pins and needles and all my energy was focused on my genitals, I did the same as Nathan with a long moan and had a little liquid dribble out, which afterward we realised was semen.

George turned out to be the most vocal of us all, he grunted right the way up to orgasm then orgasmed with some slightly violent thrusting. We were both surprised as onlookers. He didn't produce anything but at the time was better off for it'

We all lay there exhausted, completely spent and breathing loudly. Nathan looked at me and said 'well it was was worth it then!', me and George simultaneously replied with 'definately'.

Me and Nathan grabbed some nearby leaves, cleaned off any bodily fluids and put our briefs back on, we all then got dressed and decided to make our way home.

We actually ended up having similar experiences, but they were few and far between and fizzled out when our voices broke.

I know that was hugely long winded, but the experience was so magical I had to share it, reiterating it in such detail has made me immensely horny and after I submit this I'm going to have to sort it out. Probably by reading it back!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.



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