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Our First Time

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Everyday I walked to and from school with Lori. We had lived next to each other our whole lives and had been born only a week apart. We were always together growing up and never had any secrets between us. One day in health class we were shown a sex education video. The teacher asked if any kids were sexually active and a few hands went up. Lori looked at me and smiled. We had kissed and touched each other over our clothes but nothing else.

As we were walking home Lori asked me about the movie. I told her it was interesting and what I thought. I told her I thought about her every night. Lori then asked what about. I looked at her and told her about seeing her naked and doing sexual things with her. Lori smiled and told me she had the same feelings. When I dropped off my bags at my house my mom was not home so I went to Lori's house. She showed me a note that our moms were out shopping and lori was to make me dinner. We had a snack and went into the family room to watch tv. Soon Lori asked me again what did I want to do to her. I looked at her and told her to see, feel and suck her breasts. She smiled and took off her shirt and bra. I was speechless and stared at her breasts. Lori came over to me and kissed me. I kissed back and then cupped her breasts in each hand. Lori moved back and told me to kiss her nipples. I did and she shivered. She told me it felt good. I then sucked her breasts until lori told me to stop. Lori asked me to take off my clothes so she can see my penis. I did very fast and when I took off my underwear my penis popped up. Lori told me it is bigger than when I was seven. I laughed and told her she could touch it. Lori came over and touched my penis and ball sack. She told me I was smooth and it felt warm to her. After a few minutes of playing with my penis I told her I was going to cum. Lori kept on stroking me and I growled and shot my cum out of my penis was such force it landed over my head.

Lori laughed and told me that was cool. When some landed on her finger she licked it and told me it tasted salty but ok.

I told Lori I wanted to see her vagina. Lori smiled and took off her jeans and underwear. I saw my first real vagina and my dick went hard again. Lori had some brown pubic hair but you could see her vagina. I put my hand out and touched her vagina. She was moist and lori moaned. I asked if it felt good. Lori told me to touch her again. I did and rubbed my finger up and down her lips. She moaned more and told me where to rub her. I started to and lori became very quite and then told me to do circles at that spot. I did and went faster and faster until Lori cried out and went rigid. Her legs clamped down on my hand and she then relaxed.

In a few minutes Lori looked at me and told me I gave her an orgasm. Actually her first one. We fell asleep in each other arms and woke up a few hours later.



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