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Our First Meeting

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Hopeful fiction


I'm driving to the airport to pick up Jim. I can't wait to finally see him. We've been talking to each other for so long now, I feel as though we see each other everyday. As I am driving up to the pick up spot I get anxious. Honestly I can't wait to get him to the nearest hotel and keep him in my room until he has to leave again. Oh, to feel his breath against my skin, and his big hands all over my body. I can already feel that need in between my legs as I wait for him to meet me at the spot.

I park, and get out of the car to wait. Not too long after I get there, I see him walking out with his luggage. I try to hide the smile on my face as he gets closer. He's taller than me, dirty blonde hair, a gorgeous smile, memorizing eyes, very atheleticly built....I drool at the thought of him. And here he is.

He sets down his bag, smiles, and opens his arms to hug me. I feel his muscular arms wrap around me, holding me tightly. I look up at him, I see it in his eyes too. That need to feel each other. I'm pretty sure he sees it in me too because he lowers his head to kiss me. Its a soft kiss at first. Our mouths getting to know each other. And it gets turned on from there. Our tongues start to intertwine as I lean back against the car, his hips pressing hard against mine. His hands start to trace my shoulders, my arms, my sides, my hips.

We break for a breath of air, staring into each others eyes. My lips swollen from his heavy kisses. I smile, and bite my bottom lip, wishing his mouth was covering mine again. He gives me a quick peck again, and we get into the car. As we start driving, I couldn't help but want him. I lean back and while looking at him, I start to trace my body. I kiss my fingers, trace my face, my arms, my stomach, then my legs... I can feel his eyes watching me as I spread my legs open, and trace the insides of my thighs over my leggings. I can start to feel myself getting wet, a little wet spot is starting to form on my pants.

I look over at him and can see his dick starting to get hard underneath his pants. I reach over and rub my hands over the bulge, he inhales deeply and lets out a groan. My hands caress his hard cock over his pants. I kiss him, and he asks is there anywhere near where we were that was secluded. I smile and give the directions. We pull into a secluded empty park minutes later. He leans over to me and starts kissing me deeply, but with passion. We want more but also want to savor it as much as possible.

I start to moan softly as his hands trace my breasts, teasing my nipples over my shirt. He then pulls back his chair and has me rest on his lap. I can feel his hardness pressing against my ass. We continue making out, our kisses getting deeper. He traces my body with his hands, over my breasts and straying on my nipples. I arch my back to feel more. His hands trace my stomach, my legs, my knees and back up. My legs instinctively open, inviting him in. He kisses me more slowly, and looks at me as his hands wander the insides of my thighs. My pussy is throbbing, aching to feel his touch.

I lift my hips slightly hoping for more. But he teasingly takes his time. Using his fingers, teasing my thighs, tracing my panties over my thin layer of leggings. I softly moan and look into his eyes, pleading for him to touch me. He smiles, kisses me, and his fingers trace the middle of my aching pussy over my pants. I moan into his lips as he starts a tormenting pleasure of circling his fingers up and down my pussy. My pants are a mess between my thighs, soaking wet from his torture.

He then tells me to lift my hips, and I obey quickly, as he slides my pants and panties down to my ankles. I can feel the air against my wet skin between my legs. His warm hands again trace my creamy thighs up to my pussy. He traces my pussy lips, which are swollen and pouting outwards. My throbbing clit barely pushing past my pussy lips, eager to be touched. He cups my mound, and then delves a finger into my creaminess, I let out a louder moan. He drags my cream up to my clit, then goes back down till he reaches my pussy. And back up again to the clit. MMMmmm the torture. He then takes his two fingers and puts pressure around my clit with slow circles. I moan, and move my hips with his hand, imagining his hard cock deep inside me.

So I turn slightly, and reach behind me. I unzip his pants and let out his hard cock. I touch it for the first time. Smooth, velvety soft, but so hard and rigid. I let my hands grasp his dick, and start to slide up and down. He moves his hands to play with my breasts as I stroke his cock. I kiss him deeply as my hands massage his balls, he groans, and I slide my fingers, tracing from his balls, up his hard shaft, to the tip. I brush my fingers across the top and circle the head, then start stroking his dick again. he then kisses me deeply, and pulls my hands away. He sets them on my chest, and spreads my legs. He slides his finger in between my pussy lips, and onto my clit. I moan loudly as he rubs my clit. Slowly at first, but then he puts more pressure and vigorously starts to rub it. I'm moaning loudly, my hips humping his hands. I can feel it building, and he hears it in my moans.

So he eases a finger into my pussy, I moan out his name "Jiiim". He starts to finger my pussy and play with my clit. I couldn't hold it back any longer, and my body tenses all over, my legs squeezed onto his arm, and I came into his hands. Soaking wet, when my body finally releases from that, he removes his hands. His fingers covered with my cum. I move them to my lips, and I lick my cum off his fingers, then I kiss him. He moans and tastes the cum on my tongue, my lips. I move off of him, and reach down to his hard cock, if possible now harder than before.

I lower my head and kiss the tip. He lets out a loud groan, and my tongue flicks across the top. MMM I can taste his cum already starting to drip from the tip. I close my lips tightly around the head and suck on his cock. His moaning encouraged me to let him slide more into my mouth. My lips grasping his cock tightly as they slide down his dick. I start to bob my head slowly. Then pause to lick the head, and swirl my tongue around the top, I then trace his dick from the head down to his balls and back up again.

I look up at him and slap his hard cock against my tongue, and trace his dick around my lips. And make him watch as his dick disapears into my mouth again. I then start to bob my head faster now, and letting his cock slide further into my mouth. Trying to take it in deeper with each bob. He's breathing heavily and moaning louder. He tells me he is going to cum, and asks me if he should pull away. I say no, I want to taste it. MMMMM I want your cum to fill my mouth.

His head falls back as he moans again when my lips wrap around his head. I wrap my lips tightly, and take it in more deeply. I can feel it building in his cock, mmm I want to taste it. He then moans out my name as he cums into my mouth. I feel it filling my mouth as he groans loudly and empties himself in my mouth. I then sit up and open my mouth, to let him see his cum filled up in it. And I swallow. And lick my lips. MMMMmmm I say, yummy.



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