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Our First Encounter

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I met my ex-girlfriend T when I was 25. It took four months for us to do anything sexual, and this was it. She was a hot redhead, and was 23 at the time.

After one of our dates, we decided to come back to my place. She knew I still lived at home because I couldn't afford to live on my own and she was cool with that. Anyway, we were watching a video in my room. She told me on an earlier date that if we were to have sex, it would be at my place because she didn't want to do it with her much older roommate in the same house.

However, I didn't want to do it with family members around. So we're watching a movie in my room with the door is closed. We're spooning on my futon as we're watching, and during the course of the film, we had both changed into sweatpants (I gave her one of mine to wear). About halfway through the movie, we start talking about my ex-girlfriends and what we did sexually. Suddenly, she began grinding her butt perfect into my crotch and I instantly got a hard on. She kept doing this for about 15 minutes, before she asked if I wanted to take things further.

I told her that she knew we couldn't have sex and she suggested another form of pleasure. I played dumb and asked her what she meant. Her eyes went straight to my crotch, she smiled and she said 'I could help you jack off.' By now my cock was rock hard. I said sure.

She pulled my sweats and underwear down, freeing my cock. She gently put her hand around it and began to stroke it. She asked how it felt, and I sighed, 'Great.'

By now the film was over and I suggested we turn the futon into a bed to give us more room. I pulled my sweats up, we got off the futon. I started to change it into a bed, and she continued to stroke me through my sweats.

We laid down on the bed now, and she told me to get an old tee shirt to place between us. She pulled my sweats to my knees. Her hand went for my cock again. She wrapped her soft hand around it, slowly stroking me to ecstasy. It was then that she asked if I wanted to see her pussy. Who would decline an offer like that?

She pulled her pants down to her knees and asked if I wanted to touch her. I said yes, and she guided my hand to her pussy. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world. I asked if I could put a finger in her and she guided one inside her. While she slowly stroked me, I fingered her for what seemed like hours.

She asked me to take my sweats completely off and she took hers off. Then we took our shirts off so we were completely naked. She was so beautiful. She had C-cup breasts and began to blush as I admired her naked body. Her eyes went back to my hard on and she concentrated on jacking me.

I fingered her with my left hand and worked my right arm under her neck as she lay on her back next to me (I lay on my right side). My right hand fondled and squeezed her breast and she continued to stroke me. She used different techniques to pleasure me, such as the reverse method, and also pointing her fingers and thumb down the length of my shaft while I thrusted into her hand.

While she pleasured me, she said I looked sexy and loved feeling my cock in her hand. I told her I loved feeling her wet pussy on my fingers. To top that off, she was amazingly tight. We kissed each other, I sucked her nipples and she kissed my bare chest as we masturbated each other for three hours in the dark, silently having orgasm after orgasm (without cumming). Pretty soon, I couldn't take it anymore and told her I wanted to cum.

I wildly thrust my cock through her hand and she bucked against my index and middle finger. I shot several globs of cum onto the shirt, onto her hips and belly. As she came, she squeezed her pussy muscles around my fingers and we kissed one last passionate time during the session.

We laid naked for about 20 more minutes, embracing, before she said she needed to go home. That was not the only time we had masturbated together, but it was one of the most memorable. How I miss those times!



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