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Our Daughter in Law Pt.2

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Thanks so much for the great comments on part 1 of this (fully truthful) story. The conversations quoted are as accurate as I remember them being related to me.

Here, as requested, is the second part. I hope that you enjoy it as much.


I left off part 1 with Angela and Michelle chatting over breakfast whilst I had earlier left for work.

Angela later told me that as well as discussing preparations for our sons arrival home on leave later that day, the subject of the previous nights shenanigans was also a hot topic between them. According to Angela, Michelle had said to her "You two sounded like you were enjoying yourselves last night" "Hark at the pot calling the kettle" Angela giggled back with fake indignation. She then went on to explain the series of events of the previous night (in graphic detail I am led to believe) Michelle listened with great interest and Angela observed her start to wriggle on the breakfast bar stool on which she sat and repeatedly tensing and relaxing her thigh muscles.

"Are you getting horny at this?" Asked Angela "I would have thought that with the noises you were making last night, you would be satisfied for at least the next week" "You have no idea how hot this makes me feel" Michelle answered. "Especially considering that I was wearing those panties when I jilled just before getting into the shower before bed. I came in them twice and the second one was a bit of a squirter. I even mopped up the spillage from the floor tiles with them."

Wow! You're a squirter too" exclaimed Angela. "That's my favourite thing when I'm with another girl"

"You go with girls? Does Paul know?" Michelle enquired. "Oh yes, of course he does" Angela replied matter of factly, then added "He gets almost as much pleasure from me telling him about it, as I do from doing it" she giggled. "He has even set me up with them on a few occasions"

"What is it like? I have often thought about trying it myself but I wouldn't know where to start. Do you do each other or just yourselves? Have you tasted another woman's pussy? Is it different to your own? I've tasted mine and quite like it, more than sperm anyway" Michelle quickly babbled on.

"Whoa! Slow down!" Laughed Angela, "One at a time! I like it, a lot and I have experimented with all the activities that you would normally associate with Lesbian sex and I enjoyed them all. I have tasted lots of pussy juice, including squirts, they were all similar, but different in their own ways and I agree they do taste a little better than sperm even though I am fond of that too"

By now Michelle had her fist clamped firmly between her thighs, pressing hard against her pussy.

"Show me! Teach me how! Teach me NOW!" Michelle splurted out. "Are you sure?" Angela asked "You haven't just been taken over by the moment have you? I don't want you to do anything that you will later regret. Especially with Tom (our son) due home later this evening"

"Does this demonstrate how sure I am?" Michelle almost shouted as she yanked down her yoga pants, spread her legs and, using her fingers, parted her swollen pussy lips to display her sopping wet velvet insides.

"OK" said Angela "but not down here. If we are going to do this, we're going to do it properly. Lets get upstairs"

Michelle almost tripped up due to her pants being around her ankles, in her haste to get upstairs. She ripped them completely off and ran up the stairs with Angela close behind. Angela later told me that one of her fondest memories of that morning, was the sight of Michelle's extremely cute little bum, jiggling about right in front of her face as she jogged upstairs.

By the time they reached the bedroom they were both fully naked and they virtually dived on to the bed in unison and landed in each others arms. They kissed each other passionately as their hands stroked up and down backs, arms, shoulders. buttocks, thighs and chests.

They broke off their kiss as their need for oxygen just beat the need to kiss into second place for a moment.

"Are you still sure?" asked Angela "Once this is done, it can't be undone"

"I'm sure, 200%" Michelle gasped "Don't ask again" she added, with a smile.

"OK, follow what I do" Angela instructed as she started to lightly stroke Michelle, drawing her fingernails around her neck and shoulders before moving down to the tops of her breasts. After lightly tickling her breasts she finally got to her areolae and nipples, plucking them softly and flicking her fingertip across the end of the nipples which were responding well, lengthening slightly as the areolae puffed up into nice spongy mounds.

Michelle was learning fast as her administrations to Angelas nipples soon had them fully extended. In fact it was Michelle who first lowered her head and took Angelas nipples into her mouth, softly sucking then nibbling each one in turn. Angela took this opportunity to glide her hand down Michelles toned stomach and onto her silky smooth pubis. Michelle flinched slightly but then immediately parted her legs, allowing Angelas hand to move further on down.

Once there Angela stroked all around Michelles pussy, tracing her nails over the outer lips, using her fingertips with a little more pressure as she slid along the inner lips. These parted easily and Angela dipped two fingers in a little and then withdrew them to find that they were slick with the evidence of Michelles arousal.

Michelle watched and gasped as Angela raised her fingers to her mouth and seductively licked each finger before putting them both into her mouth and sucking them clean.

"How do I taste?" asked Michelle "Like the finest honey, Cunny honey" Angela answered with a cheeky wink.

Angela returned her hand to Michelles pussy. Again she wet her fingertips but this time she used the silky wetness to enable her to stroke around Michelles clitoris, circling it without directly touching it. At this point she felt Michelles hand moving slowly down towards her pussy. She opened her legs in anticipation and was delighted when Michelle used her whole hand to cup and gently massage it. The palm massaging all around her clitoris as her fingers undulated over her lips with the tips reaching her perineum. Keeping her palm in place, Michelle started to move her fingers as though, in Angelas words, she was counting pennies on a table. This resulted in her fingers rubbing and parting Angelas inner lips, getting themselves coated in Angelas juices in the process. She then lifted them to her own mouth and, looking Angela directly in her eyes, proceeded to lick and suck them as Angela had with hers. Angela noticed her face flush slightly and her pupils dilate as she had her first taste of another womans juices.

"So, how do I taste? Asked Angela. "I'm not sure" Michelle replied "I'll tell you when I've tried it another couple of hundred times or so" she giggled.

After a little while longer using their fingers and something else that I'm not allowed to say (Starts with T and rhymes with Bungs) on each others pussies, Angela decided to introduce one of her favourite toys. She went to her "Tool Cabinet" and pulled out a double ended dildo, a present from a previous female acquaintance. Grabbing a bottle of lube she jumped back onto the bed where the two of them sat legs spread, pussy to pussy. She lubed up both ends and pushed one into Michelles soaking pussy, fucking her with it to ensure that it was a good fit. Michelle leant back on her elbows, threw her head back and groaned with pleasure as she was steadily filled.

Angela then shuffled into place and started to insert the other end into her own ass. Doing this meant that she had a tighter grip on the slippery toy and once in, she was able to rock backwards and forwards, effectively fucking Michelle like a man.

Michelle looked down at the action and noticed that the other end was firmly planted in Angelas ass. The sight of this sent Michelle over the edge and she climaxed violently. Her body twitched and jerked dislodging the dildo just as her come spurted out, She squirted her juices in an arc that reached Angelas breasts, covering them both completely, before less powerful squirts soaked her stomach and pussy.

Michelle jumped up and joined Angela in licking the ejaculate from her breasts. She went on to lick the areas that Angela couldn't reach and yes, that includes the parts that you are thinking about right now.

Realising that Angela had yet to come, Michelle took it upon herself to grab the end of the dildo that just moments ago was deeply embedded in her own pussy and then bent it around and pushed it into Angelas vacant hole. She held the middle of the toy and vigorously plunged each end into its respective orifice.

She then pushed Angela onto her back and started sucking and biting one of her nipples whilst mauling the other breast and pinching, pulling and twisting its nipple.

Such harsh treatment of her "Hot Spots" (something she is very fond of) soon had Angela writhing in the throes of her own orgasm. Although she didn't squirt herself on this occasion, as the dildo was removed her juices flooded out behind it leaving a large wet patch on the quilt which had soaked right through.

The two of them collapsed into each others arms kissing and cuddling and trying, without success, to smooth each others wildly disarranged hair into some form of respectability.

Looking at the clock Michelle realised that they would have to hurry up if they were to be ready for Toms homecoming. After a quick shower (together, although Angela assures me nothing sexual happened) they got on with the preparations and Toms welcome home dinner was a great success.

I've just realised how long this chapter is, so it looks as though I do need to stop it here and submit another part later. (Much to the delight of one commenter on part 1)

Thanks again for reading, please leave your comments if you still want more.

Happy Jack/Jilling.



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