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Our Daughter in Law

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Involving our Daughter-in-Law through fantasy and beyond... Part 1.


Just after marrying our Soldier Son, Michelle, our young & sexy new Daughter-in-Law came to live with us whilst waiting for their married quarters to become available.

As you can imagine, it must have been very difficult for a young horny new bride to be hundreds of miles away from her husband so soon after their wedding day.

Most nights my wife, Angela and I, could hear the rhythmic sounds of Michelle relieving her pent up sexual frustration in the next room. This often resulted in us having a mutual masturbation session of our own, with us quietly speculating on what method she may be using on that particular occasion.

One night I decided to raise the stakes a little. In the laundry basket in the bathroom, I spotted a tiny thong belonging to Michelle. I couldn't resist a quick look. I picked it out of the basket and I could immediately feel that it was very damp and see the tell-tale dark patch on the minuscule crotch area. A short, irresistible, sniff of that dark damp area revealed the delightful aroma of fresh pussy, with a hint of pee thrown in for good measure. I quickly pocketed the lacy garment and proceeded to the master bedroom where Angela was already in bed, reading the second volume of a certain famous erotic trilogy.

I made no mention of my discovery, instead I slipped the thong out of my pocket and under my pillow as I got undressed and into bed. Angela continued reading (with the occasional light pinch or flick of one of her delightful nipples when, I guess, she read a particularly interesting passage). I fired up my laptop to catch up on the latest offerings from Solo Touch and a couple of my other favourite sites.

Before too long we became aware of the sounds that signalled that Michelle was again seeing to her needs. In unison Angela shut her book and I closed the lid on the laptop and both were placed on the floor at each side of the bed.

We snuggled up close to each other, gently fondling and stroking each others erogenous zones as we whispered about Michelle's activities.

Angela, whilst not outright bisexual, has enjoyed the occasional same sex lovemaking session both before and during our marriage. Something that I not only agree to but actively encourage, as our own 30 year sex life most certainly benefits from this added spice. With this in mind I asked her if she had ever thought about what it would be like to taste Michelle's pussy? "Oh yes" she replied. "I saw it in the changing room at the gym and she shaves it bald. It is a beautiful shape with just a hint of her inner lips showing from behind as she bends forwards" I was surprised at how much detail Angela could recall from one gym visit but decided that now was not the time to discuss it. I had far more pressing needs to deal with just then.

Angela took over the stroking of her own pussy and I took this opportunity to retrieve the thong from under my pillow. She had her eyes shut and her head tilted slightly back as she jilled, so I scrunched up the thong and held the crotch just millimetres from her nose. Within a couple of seconds I noticed a slight flare of her nostrils and I looked down just in time to see her already stiff nipples lengthen just that little bit more. I held the thong steady for a short while (not easy as Angela had increased the tempo of her diddling, causing the bed to rock a little) before wiping the dampest spot gently across her lips. She instinctively flicked out her tongue and I watched as it followed the path of the thong as she licked her lips.

Angela opened her eyes and asked me what it was. I let the flimsy underwear unfold while keeping one of the side straps hooked over my index finger. "Michelle's thong" I replied. "Michelle's worn, damp, pussy soaked thong" I continued, trailing it over Angela's face. "You wanted to taste her pussy, now you can" I said almost as a dare to her. I felt Angela's body tense at my words and at almost the same time she swallowed hard and said "Put it on my face with the crotch at my mouth" It was my turn to gulp now but I soon placed it over her face, even hooking the straps behind her ears to help to keep it in place. It looked so dammed hot! At last I was able to start work on my cock but the delay was totally forgotten as I saw Angela start to lick the gusset of Michelle's thong. Almost instantly I was on the verge of cumming, not something that I was used to, especially over the last few years. I held on as she continued to lick and then suck at the gusset, all the time increasing the pressure and speed of her own fingers on her clit and into her now dripping pussy. I moved up and sat astride her, jacking off furiously. I realised that I couldn't hold on any longer and told her so. Angela quickly reached up, snatched the thong off her face and held it in her palm at the head of my penis. That did it for me and I started to cum. The first couple of spurts couldn't have worked any better, shooting along the crotch, leaving what looked like a snail trail before continuing and hitting Angela on her face, right by her mouth and on her right nipple/breast. The remainder went on her hand and onto the crotch itself. Seeing this set Angela off and as her body convulsed in orgasm she began to suck the gusset again, this time drinking in my copious ejaculate. As we both recovered we heard the previously forgotten Michelle reaching her own noisier than usual climax. There was no doubt in our minds that she had heard us and didn't feel that she had to keep quiet herself either. This was confirmed the next morning when she chatted to Angela over breakfast. I had reluctantly left for work a couple of hours earlier but as this chat led to part 2, I shouldn't really complain.

Let me know if you want the 2nd part. It should be shorter to relate but was equally if not more enjoyable to take part in.

Thanks for reading.

Paul B.



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