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Our Club House

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When I was about twelve or thirteen I used to hang out with my neighbor who was a year younger than me. We'll call him Tom. We would go into the forest to play and see what we could find. One day we found this nice spot under a big tree, so we decided to put up a tent and call it our club house. No one really ever went into the forest. We never saw anyone in there before so we felt very safe.

Tom and I had taken a few showers before when we slept over at each others houses. It got to the point where we had touched each others penises and slowly progressed to the point we did it often. It was fun. But we never knew about cumming.

One day we were going to our club house and Tom's sister wanted to come with us. She was two years older than me. We didn't want her to come with us because we felt she would ruin our fun. But she just came along anyway. She was very pretty to me but never thought about being with her yet.

So we got there and we all got into the tent. It was a sort of big tent but not big enough for us to stand up in. We started talking and began talking about sex. I was shocked that Tom could talk about sex with his sister. Then she brought up masterbation and asked if we had ever done it. We both said no but she didn't believe us. She said that we had probably done it, not with each other but alone. She insisted that we had and we asked her if she did it also and she said no also. Then as a joke she said that we probably had done it together. We both were shocked and tried to lie about it. But she said she didnt care. She then told us that she would like to see us do it to each other. I knew she was horny but didn't know if Tom was also. She told us that if we did she would show us her pussy after. But only after. Tom told her he didn't care if she did or not.

So we looked at each other and took off our shorts. We sat down and started touching one anothers dicks. Then she started to laugh. She said don't you know how to jerk off? You know, so you can cum. We looked at her and said no. She said she saw it in a porno at her friends house. So she told us to put each others cocks in our hands and start stroking. So we tried it and it felt very good. She was like, there you go. So we sat there jerking each other while she watched. She said she liked it a lot and kept asking if we felt like we were going to cum. We were like, what's cum? Then she laughed even more. She told us that when you have sex the man shoots out this white goo that is called cum. She also explained the whole pregnancy story. So we kept jerking for who knows how long. Till Tom said he felt this funny feeling inside him. His sister sat up on her knee's and said keep jerking him. She was getting very excited by this, then out came the white goo she talked about. A few streams shot onto my hand and I freaked out. But I kept jerking him till he got soft. She told me that she still wanted to see me cum. Tom didn't want to do it anymore and I didn't understand why. So she said she would show me her pussy.

She took off her pants and pulled her white cotton panties down. She got on her knees and bent over. I could see her butt and her entire pussy. It was a little hairy but she had very nice pussy lips. So I continued to jerk myself like she showed and I got to the point and felt very hot and unusual. I started stroking fast and faster then out came a few streams of wet cum. She turned to face me and watched the rest of my cum ooze down my hand and cock. She said there now you know how to cum got dressed and left the tent. It was fun.



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