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Our Circle-jerk Club

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Exchange-Student changed our little club forever


Me and four neighborhood friends have been close knit since elementary school. Last summer, just prior to our freshman year, we all had a camp out discussion about masturbation. All of us are good athletes and there's not an ugly guy in the bunch. The fact that we are so close tends to draw people to us who'd like to become part of our 'clique,' but for the most part, we hang with each other.

Being the horny little teens that we are, no one voiced any opposition to having a circle jerk over the campfire. Nobody touched anyone else that first time, but we all dumped our cum in the fire and shared a pretty cool secret from that point on. Thing is, once you've done it together, you just want to do it again. So about two days later, two of the guys are at my house and give me the jack-off hand signal, asking 'you wanna do it again?' 'You're reading my mind,' I replied. So the three of us went to my room, lost our jeans and began stroking over a towel. Brad asked if anyone wanted to 'do' him? After a quick exchange of glances, we stepped closer and all three of us grabbed the dick to our right and the ass to our left. You've never heard such gutteral groans in your life.

All three of us got off, and couldn't wait to tell the other two of our newfound pleasure. They, of course, wanted to try it, and thus, our circle jerk club was formed. Whenever two or more could break free for a little action, we did and do.

When school started this fall, I not only had to deal with high school, but a visiting exchange-student from New York staying at my house for three months. Jesse is my age, athletic, and man pretty enough to be a girl, if he dressed in drag. The chicks at school went wild for him. I, of course, wanted him in my secret club, but didn't want to freak him out, fearing he may expose the sexcapades to my family or classmates.

I introduced him to our friendly fivesome, and he began hanging out with us almost exclusively. After about two weeks, he and I were home alone watching Weeds when I broached the subject of sex. Every 15 year old is ready to talk sex. I told him I knew of a circle-jerk club and he didn't seem freaked out at all. He just said, 'Really?' That opened the door to ask if he'd ever jacked with another guy, and he said not yet. 'Not yet?' I thought. Then I swore him to secrecy and told him about me and the guys, saying he was welcome to join us anytime he wanted.

I could see he was debating it, so I offered 'We can go give it a try, to see if you like it.' 'Hey, I'm game for anything at least once,' he said. And off we headed for his room. 'Let's try it in the shower,' he suggested, 'it might be less messy.' We peeled off our clothes and I was dumbstruck by his awesome body, especially his sexy legs, toned thru years of soccer. Both Jesse and I were half hard as we stepped into the shower and started steaming it up.

He faced me, and I slowly reached down for his dick and gave it a tug. Jesse did the same to me. Then, for some reason, we both seemed so attracted to each other that we started touching each other's bodies all over, with our heads resting on each other's shoulders and kissing our necks. Eventually, he rested his back against my throbbing dick, and I reached around and gave him the best handjob I'd ever done. He was hooked. He turned back around, with me assuming he was ready to jack me now, and instead pulled me in for a wet kiss, a first for me. I liked it. A lot. So much so, I climaxed as our bodies were pulled together.

Fast forward two days later. All six of us guys were now gathered, and I told them that Jesse was 'cool' with our activities and wanted to join in. I also mentioned that the kid has some special skills that are best used one on one. That seemed to intrigue them. 'Why don't we split up in pairs privately today, and draw straws to see who jacks with the new guy?' I suggested. They were cool with that, and Aaron, a cute point-guard, wound up with Jesse.

We all chose different bedrooms, and when Mike and I were in the midst of jacking, I got real close and gave him a quick kiss. He didn't seem to mind, so we drifted back together, kissing and jacking.

Later, Aaron told me privately that Jesse is freaking hot and did stuff to him, kissing, cuddling, etc, that he'd never done with any of us before. 'I know,' I said, 'I kissed Mike when we were jacking and it was one of our best cums.' After that, it was not uncommon for the six of us to pair off with different guys and try new stuff. Eventually, we started doing our 'pairs' thing out in the open with all six in the room, and sometimes watching another couple go at it was so hot, the others would just jack over them.

Needless to say, we were so sorry to see Jesse leave last month, but we stay in contact and are hopeful he can return for a long visit this cumming summer! :)



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