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Ouch and Ooooooooh

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I had my tummy pierced when I was 14 (I lied about my age) and my back tattoo when I was 18. And yes, I loved the fact that some call it a 'tramp stamp'. When I am horny, I feel just like a tramp, and I love it.. but then...


One of my friends showed me a far more intimate piercing. She had both nipples and her tummy done but she had recently had a VCH (vertical clitoral hood) done as well because she had heard how erotic they are. It felt a little odd sitting between her spread legs looking at her increasingly moist vagina and visibly swelling clit. I was the first person she had shown it too and it obviously got her horny because she asked if she could masturbate while I watched. I didn't mind, but, sorry guys, I didn't join in. In fact, I couldn't. She cummed so hard that I had to wash my duvet!

A few days after I decided I wanted one too so I went to the same piercer with my boyfriend. I got examined and told that I was 'OK' to have one done and then I was sitting on a couch like a medical table with my panties off my skirt up round my waist looking at the massive bulge in my boyfriends pants while a totally strange man touched my pussy. I felt the cold antiseptic and the occasional brush of his fingers on my clit. I started to get aroused but, (I learned later) that this actually helps the piercer) Then, oh then, FUCK-ING-HELL it hurt. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't. I yelped but the guy was real fast and suddenly the pain went and I had my new barbell.

I dressed, paid and we left. And that's when it started. The pressure of it over my clit as I walked became a tingle which very soon became a mounting orgasm. I actually had to stop and lean against my boyfriend as I came. And it didn't stop there, I kept thinking about it and that I had been all but fingered by a total stranger and BANG I was off again. By now we were walking down a deserted track that leads to where we live. I just had to have sex. NOW, but I couldn't bring myself to do it because I was sure it would hurt and judging by my boyfriends hard on, he was in no mood to be gentle with me. I took his dick out and started to jack him off, all the time telling him how much I enjoyed the fingers of the piercer. He got like a wild animal. He shot his load on my leg but the hard on showed no sign of softening so I kept jacking him. THEN he slipped his hand into my panties and masturbated me pressing my new piercing onto my clit. I swear I have never cum like it. For the first time in my life I squirted and I mean SQUIRTED. Every orgasmic convulsion sent a spray into my boyfriends hand and my knickers. He was getting close again so I ... well.. let's just say we had sex without my vagina.

Since then I have spoken to other girlfriends who have had very similar experiences. My advice girls.. go get one done but take your partner with you. One of my lesbian friends had it done by a female piercer while her gf watched. Pretty much the same result. Next week, I am getting my nipples done. One thing I have learned, I think I like the pain too.



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