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Other Boys Did It Too!

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Until I went to Boy Scout camp, I didn't know that other boys did it, but boy, did they.


I very secretly masturbated since I was very young. I think I started at age 6. I did it by humping on my bed, my pillow, or anything that was handy. I started using my hand probably when I was 10.
All this time I didn't know if any other boys did this. It was exciting to think that they might, but I could never get up the courage to ask. Then when I was 11 and joined Boy Scouts, I was to find out.
Our troop had its own summer camp on an island in a river. We had large 8 person tents, so each patrol had its own tent. We had a mixture of ages; two or three new 11 year old scouts, a couple of 12 and 13, and the oldest was the patrol leader, who was 14.
The first night, I was almost asleep when I heard a rustling noise next to me. I looked over, and in the gloom could just see the sleeping bag on the cot next to me going up and down right over the occupant's crotch. I was amazed, ecstatic, shocked, and all other kinds of feelings as I watched him pleasure himself. He was trying to be quiet, but I could tell. He speeded up and got a little more careless, so I could hear his hand moving, then he tensed, stopped and held his breath, and then I heard a soft sigh, and he started breathing hard. He lay still for a while, then rustled around getting settled.
Then I noticed similar sounds on the other side of the tent. I coudn't see, but I could tell from the sounds what was going on.
The next night was similar, except I could hear more guys doing it. One guy actually pulled his sleeping bag open and did it in the open. When he did that I noticed that several of the other boys were watching him, too. I began to realize that most of the guys did the same thing, and all knew it. This was a real revelation. I decided to get bold, and opened my sleeping bag and did it in the open. I heard some whispering, like, 'look, Jimmy does it, too!' I realized I was putting on a show, so kept going and had a great orgasm. Something about being watched turned me on.
Then the patrol leader started in, and did it on top of his sleeping bag. But when he was finished, there was this white stuff all over his stomach. That was the first time I'd seen semen, and even though I couldn't see it well, I was fascinated.
By about the fourth night everyone was doing it out in the open, except one of my friends who was also a new 11 year old scout. He woke up and asked what everyone was doing, and someone answered, 'beating off, what do you think?'
He asked what beating off was, and of course everyone realized he didn't know about masturbation, so one of the guys volunteered to show him. He went over to his bunk and told him to open up and pull his underwear down. The boy was a little reluctant, but looking around seeing everyone else was exposed, went ahead and did it.
'Now just relax and let me show you,' the other boy said, and started playing with the boy's penis till it got hard. When it was hard, he started to jack him off. The boy looked surprised, but I could tell from the look on his face that he liked the feeling he was getting. The boy doing the jacking told him to close his eyes and go with it, so he did. After a few minutes he started looking tense, then his mouth flew open and he panted, and reached down and held the other boy's hand still, firmly on his penis. When he recovered, he said, 'wow. That was really something.' That is when I came, for a nice dry orgasm of my own.
After that night things got pretty raunchy. Every night after lights out everyone got naked, and there was a lot of mutual jacking going on. It was great fun, and I got to see two or three of them shoot semen at close hand. The last night one kid dared another to suck him off. There was some serious negotiation going on, but they finally agreed to do it to each other, and we all watched. A couple of others tried it, and it looked like fun, but I didn't get to try. At least not that year. The next year was a different story!



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