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Orgasms in Tight Clothing

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Masturbation Fetish


I've been coming to this site for about two years and until recently, never read about others who indulged in the same or similar fetish to mine. I love masturbating, masturbating others or just watching others who masturbate through their clothing.

For me, it's a matter of necessity, having a rather large clitoris which, even in its natural state, protrudes nearly half an inch from its hood, 3/4 inch when I'm aroused, is too sensitive to touch directly with fingers or toys. I discovered at an early age how to make myself feel good down there by rubbing myself, fully clothed or just in panties, against various objects and furniture or even just with my fingers, to climax.

In grade school, I used to love how certain pairs of pants and panties felt against my mons, which forms a prominent bulge between my hip bones, the seams of favorite jeans pulling high between my labia. Simply moving my hips would be enough to force my clitoris to rub directly against the soft material and I quickly became adept at bringing myself to orgasm in public merely by crossing my leg, squeezing my thighs together and sliding imperceptibly back and forth on my seat.

Once, when visiting a girlfriend, I noticed her little sister, who was about nine years old at the time, as I passed her room, was kneeling at the corner of her bed, playing with her dollies, dressed in her Brownies outfit. I stopped and watched for a few seconds, and completely wet myself when I noticed that her hips were thrust forward and she was rubbing the cleft of her vagina against the seam of her mattress, and from the way her tush kept clenching and unclenching, she was clearly enjoying herself.

That very night, I humped my way to several intense orgasms against the corner of my bed, twice in the clothing I happened to be wearing at the time and at least once in just my panties, I still do it that way today, in fact, sometimes.

My first experience with a boy, I was so nervous and certain I'd go to hell if I saw him naked, we remained in our underpants throughout our entire explorations. He was my next door neighbor, and we were both 12 years old at the time, playing in his basement. We had been practicing kissing like we'd seen in the movies, with tongues, as he laid on top of me on a musty old cot. I could feel his boner sticking against my thigh and it made me wet when he started humping and sliding the bulge in the front of his shorts against my hip.

I rolled him over and straddled his thighs, tickling him under his arms and along his ribs while he kicked and his boner slid up and down between my legs against my mound. Looking down between our bodies, I could see that his shorts were being tugged so tightly against his erect penis that I could easily see the shape of his circumsized head, when I noticed the wet spot that was forming there, my clitoris throbbed.

I was so turned on that I started humping my mound directly over the bulge his penis made in his pants, fascinated by how wet his shorts and my blue jeans were becoming. I loved the way the material trapped and exposed the shape of his hard on and when he shuddered and grunted, I watched while the semen spurted into his pants spreading the stain all over him and me. It was enough to make me orgasm at the very sight.

Ever since then, with dates or strangers, or even all alone, nothing makes me orgasm harder and longer than watching myself in the mirror as I lewdly rub my fingers or my vibe against my clitoris through my panties or slacks, wetting them as my climax rips through me, or watching a man struggle with self control, eventually losing it as the sperm stains his trousers. When I masturbate in public, it makes me so hot to wonder if anyone can smell my soaking wet panties after I'm done having orgasms.

My favorite jeans to orgasm in are about two sizes too small and almost as old as I am (I got them in a thrift store). They mould beautifully against my mons and fit so tightly, they bulge against and reveal the shape of my lips, even. My favorite panties are boys cut, center seamed, cream colour, white or black. I love the way the cream ones darken when I'm leaking juice, the grey ones, too. The white ones become transparent when I'm wet, revealing the pink of my labia, and the black ones really show up the white cum stains after I've cum.

I'd love to hear from others, men or women, who share my special little fetish.



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