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Orgasms in Sleep

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I saw another author talking about her orgasm when asleep so though I would share my experiences.


I am now in my middle age, married with a happy sex life, but I have always has a high sex drive and have masturbated for as long as I can remember. I don't really know how I discovered it-as a small child it was just a nice feelings when I touched myself 'down there' as I thought of it. Some time in my early teens, around when my periods started, I started to orgasm, It was a few years before I realised the name but it was an intense experience I quickly became addicted to.

A little after this, as I became more sexually aware, I started having sexual fantasies as well and found just thinking sexy thoughts made me very aroused and could get me very close to orgasm before I touched myself. At the time I never had the self discipline not to touch myself but later in life I realised if I wanted to and was in the right mood at times I could climax without ever touching myself in a sexual way. Although it is difficult when I'm almost there the urge to just touch and push myself over the edge is SO huge it's rare I can resist.

Around this time I also occasionally started having very erotic dreams and still do. Usually they wake me up and I finish off my masturbating, but sometimes I will climax as part of the dream. My husand has seen this happen occasionally and he says I don't move or make much of a noise but I do shudder and shake as I cum. I always wake up after I have and it often feels odd,like I have lost sense of where I am.

These dreams and nocturnal climaxes really peaked when I was pregnant. I am quite slight and petite and for each of my two pregnancies I got huge towards the end. In the last couple of months of each pregnacy nocturnal orgasms became very common indeed, perhaps as often as one night in three. I mentioned this to my doctor as much out of curiosity as anything and she said that it was probably my womb or placenta pushing on the nerves that cause arousal and orgasm. After birth with all the hormonal changes and discomfort they stopped for a while but pretty quickly my libido was back to its regular high with dreamed sex a regular part of it.

Now I still have the experiences and still love them (although I love pretty much any form of sex too!). Talking to friends I think I am pretty rare. One or two friends have had occasional night time arousal and orgasm but none as often as me. So I just want reassure the girl who wrote her story, she is not alone. If it happens treasure it as gift: we are the lucky ones.



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