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Orgasms at Work

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Hope you like it xx


The most difficult part about self sex at work is knowing when to stop. I once worked in a large office where those of us not in offices worked a large central area divided into a complex maze of cubicles. The guy next to me (let us call him Don) used to joke about how he was useless and all he did was 'jerk off all day'. We in our little unit all knew he was useless but laughed at his somewhat crude pronouncement just the same. But as I had walked in on his 'climatic moments' more than once, I began to realize he wasn't kidding. In truth, he seemed to find so much time for jerking himself off, I was beginning to wonder when he actually worked!

I began to think about it. I had to find times when no one was around, going to the ladies room to get off at first, ceasing all such motion if anyone entered. Pretty soon I didn't care. Eventually, when I was working late or on days when I'd come in early, I would just reach down and put my fingers to work and pretty soon I'd be happily 'jilling' at my desk to a big sopping 'O'. Also pretty soon the 'morbid fear' of getting caught was replaced with the 'thrill' of maybe getting caught or not!

Finally one day it happened! There I was early one morning, when no one is ever around, I had my pantyhose off, skirt bunched at my waist and my legs spread on my desk while I enthusiastically shoved a throbbing, humming vibe in and out of my fully exposed self. My head was back and my were eyes closed waiting for one great leg-trembling climax when I heard Don blurt out 'Oops, a lot more than I needed to see!'

I looked up and there he was holding a bunch of files above a huge erection with a really uncomfortable look on his face. One important lesson in that situation, go on the offensive!!

I said 'See what? My doing what you do all the time? Then in a commanding voice, which is hard to do when holding a running vibe in your vaginal canal, I said 'Don, put the files down and leave ...... or stay and jerk off, I don't care, but for now do one or the other and forever shut up about it!!'

He didn't need to be told twice. He tossed the files into a chair and hauled out a seriously stiff cock. He began stroking in front of me with a demented, silly smile on his face. I popped a tit out of my bra and moaned as I flicked my fingers over a taut nipple. Oooo it shot right to my clit!

Don's eyes grew larger when I licked the nipple and removed the other tit, rubbing its nipple as well .. He groaned and grunted and jerked as suddenly he spewed a load of cum into the waste paper basket beside my desk.

I quickened the pace of my fingers over my clit while making longer strokes in and out of my vagina with the vibe. A gush of sticky liquid covered my fingers. It made slick, slurping sounds as I frigged, sounds audible only between my 'Oooh!!', 'Ooohh!!' 'Ooohhh!!' gasps as I did. I could feel my muscles contract and clench the vibe in my vagina as I was about to come. I withdrew it and Don rushed over and shoved two fingers into my gaping and wet labia. I came and came again with a loud Unnnghhhghhh...ooh....ooh....Unnghhuughh !!!

Second important lesson, give a guy like Don an opportunity to stay and watch a woman get herself off and give him the opportunity get to jerk himself off while doing so, and he will then obey any command of thereafter! He will do anything and stay forever silent ....... Just so that it might happen again! After all, now I know what Don is good at...

I hope my true tale of self sex in the office made some of you out there happily jilling or jerking in your cubicles. Let me know what happened, won't you..??



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