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Orgasmic Accident

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Thanks for a great site.

I have read some stories about masturbation and peeing. Even this may sounds weird for some, I actually had my first orgasm this way, accidently sort of..

I think I was 15 and was going to my first concert. I had arrived early with my girlfriends and since we weren't old enough to buy beer yet, we had a six pack of cokes. We had finished the cokes and left the parking lot party to begin our wait in line. The concert was festival seating, which meant the closer in line we were when the gates finally opened the better chance we had at getting up close to

the stage.

Well after about two more hours the gates opened and we raced down the steps to the lawn field towards the stage. Karen and I get right in the front of everyone! We had the best spot in the house. The music was great that day but as evening fell I realized that there was no way that I could ever get through the crowd find the restrooms, pee, and then get back to the front where we had staked out our spot. Karen didn't seem to have to go. I didn't ask her, though I did tell her of my need.

'How long can you wait?' she yelled over the music. I thought about telling her I could wait longer, but my bladder was beginning to send me serious distress signals. I had already been dancing more to lessen my need to pee, than because of the music the band was playing. I answered her by crossing my legs tightly together and

jamming my hand into my crotch. When she realized just how bad I had to go, we went off towards the bathrooms. Karen said she wasn't mad that we would have to stand in the back for the last band, because she too needed to relieve herself.

We finally got to the bathrooms and, as usual, there was a long line which we promptly got in. I had to go so bad. I must have looked like a total fool, crossing my legs, one hand jammed in my crotch, I was biting my lip and bouncing at the knees in a loosing struggle to

maintain control.

I had felt several spurts in my panties as we walked towards the bathrooms, but now they were beginning to happen faster. I felt my jeans dampen around my fingers as they pushed harder into my crotch. Then the little spurts became a slow, steady stream. Within seconds, the stream of urine began to jet out in a torrent. My face turned red and flushed as I felt the warmth in my body move from my crotch to my

face. Waves of relief swept over me, and my ass tickled as the hot liquid soaked up my panties in the back. I looked down and saw my pee pouring out my pants leg onto the cement floor beneath me. My own reflection stared back at me from the puddle.

I went weak at the knees as the warmth from my accident combined with the friction my little pussy was getting from the tight wet denim as my fingers had pushed and squeezed it. I had my first real earth shattering orgasm in that dirty ladies room at the arena while waiting for Karen to finish peeing (she had made it in time).



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