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Orgasm, the Ultimate Sensation

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As a follow up please wait to read the previous contributions until after you read this one.


My philosophy concerning sexuality... An orgasm is the most exciting sensation we ever experience. Sexual awareness and sensations usually occur when hormones start being released during adolescent years.

Around age 12-13 young boys begin to experience erections, sometimes as many as twenty times per days, for reasons unknown to them. These oft times result in wet dreams during sleep.

These nocturnal emissions usually cease when boys finally begin to masturbate. Quite often masturbation (beating off or jerking off) is learned accidentally, taught by a friend or possibly by sex education. It has also been shown a young boy's first sexual experience is usually with another boy who shows them how.

They may masturbate several times enjoying doing it together watching each other ejaculate (shooting off), seeing who can do it faster, how many times and see how far their ejaculate (cum) will shoot.

Young girls may begin to enjoy the sensation of masturbation as young as age 8 by accidentally rubbing against something which feels good to them. They may also learn clitoral masturbation accidentally, being taught by another girl or through sex education.

Masturbation has been practiced since time began and contrary to Victorian teachings is perfectly normal and healthy. Survey results show 95% of males and 80% of females do it, the rest are usually lying!

It's enjoyable and also results in the relief of stress and a feeling of self gratification so why not do it? It also helps, when the time comes, to teach a partner how to stimulate you to orgasm.

Young girls also experiment with other girls and learn different ways to enjoy masturbating. It may also occur between siblings, be it between brother to brother, sister to sister or brother to sister. It is a growing up experimental way to learn to enjoy sexuality and is acceptable as long as the pitfalls of going further to intercourse which usually results in an unwanted pregnancy are understood.

In this modern era, as teenagers grow older and begin to date it isn't long into a relationship when they begin to enjoy the sensation of mutual masturbation which oft times progresses to oral sex.

When married, couples eventually realize 'quickies' are not as enjoyable as prolonged foreplay for a more gratifying experience. They then learn the longer the period of foreplay, the more intense is the eventual sensation of an orgasm (climax).

It therefore pays to take your time and enjoy foreplay and the pleasurable sensation of masturbation and/or oral sex before ending with intercourse. Once an orgasm occurs, the sexual desire usually diminishes rapidly. Masturbation is essential for females as tests have shown as few as 20% can achieve orgasm by intercourse alone. Are you men listening? Once aroused, males may have an orgasm by the slightest stimulation of their erect penis. However clitoral stimulation is a must for females!

There is nothing more intimate than mutual masturbation and watching the body movements and expressions on a partner's face as they go through the stages of arousal to an ultimate orgasm.

To me there is nothing more gratifying than for my wife to lie back relax and enjoy watching me masturbate her to a shuddering climax. Of course she always returns the favor! The saying, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive' is very true! Spend more time satisfying your partner and you will usually be rewarded ten fold.

Baring poor health and/or medical conditions the sensation of an orgasm knows no age barrier and is meant to last a lifetime. However, as the saying goes, 'Use it or you will lose it'.

For the ladies..... when you catch your man masturbating without you please understand medical experts have shown regular masturbation for men is an excellent means of theoretically preventing prostate cancer. Retained ejaculate builds up in the prostate and becomes stagnant and when not regularly ejected causes cell changes which may potentially lead to cancer. It has also been shown masturbation creates more stimulation for a healthy prostate than intercourse alone. Of course it's always nice to have a wife who enjoys giving her husband hand jobs. It definitely worked for me!




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