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Orgasm on Overtime

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At the time this orgasm happened, I had been playing this little 'game' with a childhood sweetheart of mine on email for about nine months. He is in the Navy aboard a vessel, so I write him naughty little email's describing how I am masturbating.

On this particular day, I was the only one at work. It was a weekend so I decided to be naughty at work, while tormenting my sailor. I emailed him early in the morning, telling him how my clit was swollen and aching to be touched. He emailed back that maybe I should rub my clit through my jeans and see if that helped. I had already been doing that and my panties were becoming quite wet.

I wrote back telling him how my nipples were rock hard, how my breathing had changed to deep panting, how my pussy was so wet and tingly, and that I had an idea. I was going to go into the bathroom, sit down in the shower and stroke that hard clit of mine until my body released the orgasm that I was dying to feel.

While I waited for his reply, I sat back in my chair and propped my legs up on my desk. This allowed me to slide my hand down the front of my jeans. When my finger first touched my swollen clit a moan escaped from between my lips, my body thrust upward and my legs began to shake. While my right hand was rolling around my clit and back and forth through my swollen lips, my left hand was rolling my hard nipple around. My body felt so alive, the blood rushing to my hungry pussy was driving me wild.

Then my computer tells me that I have new mail. My sailor dares me to go into that shower and fuck that sweet little wet pussy of mine. Telling me to imagine what he would be doing if he was under my desk. How my pants would slide off my legs, how my legs would fall apart for him, how my pussy juices would flow as his fingers circled around my hard clit.

By the time I finished reading what he had written, I was so incredibly turned on, I thought that I would cum right there in my jeans sitting at my desk. Somehow I got myself under control and emailed him back, describing what I would be doing if I was under his desk. How I would lean forward and rub my fingers along his soft cock, feeling it twitch against my hand through his coveralls. How my hand would slip inside to wrap around him, to release his cock so that my fingers could get a hold of him. How I would slowly lower my fingers down over his length, and then up again, rubbing my thumb under his swelling head.

By this time my hands were shaking again, I could barely think of anything except my hungry pussy. My insides were trembling with need, I was so wet that I soaked through to my blue jeans. I had had enough teasing and wanted to satisfy the craving that had been building all morning. I emailed and told him to sit back and imagine what I was doing in that shower stall.

I slipped into the stall, slid one pant leg off and sat down on the seat. My legs naturally fell apart as I reached down to touch that swollen hard clit. I was so wet that my juices were already running down my ass. I leaned back and propped both my legs against the opposite wall. I reached inside my bra, pulled out one of my heaving breasts and brought it to my lips. My tongue rolled round and round that hardening bud, then my lips wrapped around it. I started suckling my own huge tit, which caused this delicious feeling to run thru my body straight to that hard clit.

I reached down and ran my finger through my juices. I then smeared those juices around my hard nipple, bent my head down and slowly licked my own juices off of that pulsing bud. I had reached my boiling point, the need for satisfaction was too great. I then went to work on that hungry pussy of mine. Slowly tracing through my swollen lips with my finger, back and forth, around my throbbing clit down to the entrance of my hole.

As my breathing intensified, I slammed one finger deep into my pussy, reaching for my G spot and flicking it. With the other hand I began an unrelentless assault on my clit. Digging into the center, then back out to glide around and around. My other hand began to fuck my pussy, at first with one finger, then two stretching my opening wide to gain access to the spot, and finally three, at first sliding slowly in and out as my other had worked my clit in the same rhythm. My ass was thrusting forward and I could barely breath.

My mind would wonder off into that imaginary world, where my sailor was sitting between my legs, rubbing on my clit and his fingers were fucking me deeply. I could feel the orgasm building, my entire body is so alive, the tremors running up and down my body until it all goes rushing to those full set of lips that my fingers are fucking. My breathing stops, my fingers thrust deep inside, as my other hand delves deep down inside my clit. As my body releases it's juices, my ass shoves forward more (almost falling off the seat), my legs fall apart and small loud moans escape from me. My entire body throbs with that orgasm.

After I composed myself and cleaned up, I went back to my desk and wrote it all down and sent it to my sailor as an attachment (so he could read in the privacy of his room). Curiosity got to him, when I got an answer, he said he could not wait and went ahead and read my story.

Needless to say, it was a few minutes before my sailor could stand up and walk away from his desk. It seems that something had CUM UP !!!!!!! But thanks to a hot shower and some liquid soap, he soon had things in hand, lol.



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