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Orgasm in Public

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Really this is more of a Female (MFMFMMMMFF) Story


I have always had a fetish for getting off in public, not where people know me, but the whole shock and awe thing turns me on immensely. I am not an exhibitionist at least in the show your privates kind of way, but I have shared my arousal with hundreds of complete strangers, and my husband shares vicariously in my adventures.

When we were younger and on vacation somewhere, I would strap on a butterfly vibrator and we would go out for drinks. My husband would invite couples over to the table for a drink. We would turn the discussion towards sex. He would let it slip that I was wearing a vibrator. He would ask me to show the controller. He would invite them to turn it on.

Sometimes they would look at each other; some times they would look at me, nearly every time one or the other would show some definite interest. I would engage them with my eyes and smile coyly to encourage them.

The vibes back then were loud and wired it was no secret when the vibe was turned on, even in a crowded bar, you could hear the hum of the vibe. If they would turn it all the way up. Others around us could also hear. Frequently the girls would instinctively know that sound, and would perk their ears, and try to locate from whence it came. Guys are less observant, but the whispering would commence and frequently 10 or 20 people would be gathered to witness the spectacle. Sometimes the girls would storm off feigning disgust. Unless the guys were pussy whipped, they would always hang around. Sometimes they would ask for a go with the controller. When girls who were genuinely into it had the controller, I always seemed to have my best orgasms. Sometimes I would focus on a particularly hot guy or gall a slide the controller their way. The speed at which I got there and the intensity of the orgasm was a combination of their adeptness with the control, and the connection we were making. I would hold my husbands hand. It was all very out of control, in a reasonably safe way.

I always came at least three times before we left the bar, and would repay my husband in spades whether in some secluded spot on the way back to our room, or when we got back. We had many offers from swingers and such, but that never intrigued him or me.

That was over 15 years and three kids ago. I might have thought those days were long behind us if not for my Christmas present. He gave me two tickets to Vegas, and tickets to Zumanity Cirque du Soleil, Thunder from Down Under for me, and X Burlesque for him.

We left three days after Christmas dumped the kids with his parents and went for a week in Vegas. We arrived mid afternoon and after a shower and a nap, I dressed to kill, and we were ready to paint the town. He said there was another gift, he was going to save for later, but he said maybe I would like it now. He handed me a sexily wrapped box with a boa attached as garland. I opened it. It was a wireless remote control vibe you wear internally, it places a vibe right on your clit. There also was a silicone dildo with a flat base made to be nearly completely inserted. I was wet just reading through the instructions, but wondered why he had given it to me before we went out. (It is intended to wear during intercourse; the bit that goes in does not get in the way.) He said 'I thought you might like to wear it out for old time's sake.' Then a light went on, and I think my pussy literally gushed at the thought, as I read the instructions. The remote is wireless, and senses motion to change the pulse and intensity.

I inserted the vibe with the g-spot attachment, and put in the silicone dildo to add fullness. He certainly knows me well. I put on a pad, so I would not to soak my seat. I was so horny I can't tell you. We turned it on in the room and played with the remote I don't normally need much buzzing to flick my switch, and I told him if he kept it up, we would miss our show.

The thunder down under was like a Chippendales style review in a very intimate setting. My hubby was like one of only ten men in the crowd that night. The show was awesome there is no tipping, and the show does not get out of hand like others had been to in my younger days, but it did get my juices flowing. Later in the show the dancers came out to the tables for a more personal dance. My husband showed the dancer the controller and he immediately knew the score. I don't know if this happens all the time, or this guy somehow knew about this motion sensing controller. I click on the vibe and my husband clicks on the remote, and hands it to the guy. He tucks it in his g string and proceeds to dance. With it in the vertical orientation the vibe was up full bore. It pulsed and revved in time with his gyrations. He was looking me right in the eyes, as I had my first orgasm in days. The tables around me witnessed what was going on, and they must have somehow know. There was applause. It was the hottest thing!

My hubby leaned in and told me that one of the girls had seen the controller, and had told the others at her table what was going on. Several of the dancers reassembled on stage and the guy from our table showed the remote to one of his buddies and he tucked it away and headed our way. Before the show was over we had three private dances and I had three orgasms. I'm sure those that did not get a personal dance were miffed at seeing a dancer at our table nearly the entire private dance time, but word must have spread about what was going on, because every time my convulsions set in, the applause was louder. I kind of embellished my response so everyone (at least the women in the room) knew that I had cum. We did get the controller back after the show and my husband slipped a few bills in the hand of the dancer who delivered it.

I stopped in the restroom on the way out. The pad I had worn was soaked, I was thankful I had the forethought. While I was getting primped I turned the vibe back on in case there we any opportunities on the way back to the room. It jumped to life as my hubby was talking to a couple of girls from the next table as he waited outside the restroom. They wanted a demonstration. When I came out, we all went to a dark lounge for drinks. I explained how it works. They were agog, maybe a little drunk, and horny as hell. Each wanted to run the control and witness my reactions, in the quiet lounge with the pad gone if you listened carefully you could hear the vibe. Then one of the girls reaches between my legs to feel the vibrations. This was further than our adventures had ever gone before. My hubby saw. I looked at him to gauge his response, he kind of smiled and shrugged his shoulders, he had to know her hand was right on the vibe. I still felt safe in the lounge with my hubby three feet away, so I let it continue. The girls took turns running the controller in plain sight, and feeling the reaction of the vibe under the table between my legs. One of the girls began to grind the vibe back and forth on my clit. She tried to reach inside my panties but I stopped her. She kind of put on a pouty face took the controller and held it still on full power she rocked the vibe back and forth on my clit until I came again, It was a good thing I had just emptied my bladder, because the orgasm was intense, and I'm sure would have squirted again soaking the seat. As it was my panties were soaked with my cum. They invited us back to their room. It would have been very hot!! I wanted my hubby all to myself to thank him properly. They seemed more interested in me than in him. He deserved some undivided attention.

This was the first of a daily adventure with the new toy. Luckily it was rechargeable. I'm less than impressed with its intended use, but it made me feel young and alive again. We lost money overall at the tables, but as they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I really love to orgasm in public. I can't wait for our next vacation.



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