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Funny things happen


I have a good friend Paddy (his real name!). We have known each other for most of our lives and after we learned to masturbate we often did it together.

About three years ago I often called into his house after school. His parents both worked and usually didn't come home until late. So we were always alone at these times. This one time I called in and asked if he felt like a wank. We often did this together. He said he had just had one and didn't feel like it but I could go right ahead.

I lay on his bed slowly masturbating, and after a minute he said could he watch. He was circumcised, while I was not, and I think he was sometimes quite fascinated by my foreskin.

So he knelt beside the bed watching my foreskin slowly going back and forth over the head of my cock. I started to speed up and he said let me watch you come in close up. He leant closer and had his face about six inches away, looking at my cock from the side (it was pointing up to the ceiling).

He could tell I was close and said 'go for it'. Just as I hit that point of no return, I opened my eyes and saw Paddy's father (having arrived home from work early) come into the bedroom.

I sort of rolled sideways to hide myself, but it was too late and a shot a big spurt which unfortunately was then aimed right at Paddy. He suddenly swore out loud. I looked at him and he had this huge blob of cum on the front of his bushy black hair and running down his forehead. Paddy started to complain, but only when I nodded towards the door did he see his father.

Time froze for a moment. Paddy with cum running down his face, me with cock still in hand, and both of us looking at his father who had this totally stunned look on his face.

Then Paddy's dad started to laugh, which within a short time became almost hysterical. He was laughing so many tears were running down his face. Then Paddy and I started laughing too. So for several minutes all three of us were laughing uncontrollably.

Eventually Paddy's dad picked up a towel off a chair and threw it to Paddy and tried to say 'you had better clean up' but he could barely get the words out for laughing. Then he left.

After we had settled down I wasn't sure if we would get in trouble. Paddy said it would be OK, his dad was pretty cool about these things and they had discussed masturbation a few times.

Later we went to the kitchen and Paddy's dad seemed fine. He said at some point 'that was so funny'.

Whenever I see Paddy's dad these days he gives me an odd smile, but he is always very friendly.

It was a big mixture of embarrassment and the funny scene, and a bit agonising at the time but even now I still grin when I remember it.

Hope you found it amusing too




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