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This a true story that happened when I was 14, early in my freshman year of high school. Perhaps I wil post other in the future.


I have always, as long as I can remember, enjoyed 'playing with myself.' I remember at a very young age my mother telling me that 'we don't do that in public.' I remember that I was in 5th grade when I began to have orgasms...mmmmm.
Anyway, fast forward to my freshman year in high school. It was fall, the Saturday morning after a Friday night football game. My dad always likes to make Saturday breakfast, usually waffeles or pancakes and this was one of those mornings. I was having a wonderful time with my fingers working over my little pleasure spot. I had thrown all the covers back and was on my back, legs bent up, spred wide and close to coming.
Suddenly my door pops open and my mom steps in saying, 'Kelly, breakf...........ooopps' and the door closed quickly. Needless to say this one was orgasm that did NOT happen. I'd never been caught before, except those times as a little tiny kid. Now I have to go down stairs and face the ENTIRE FAMILY. (Mom, dad, 2 brothers) I was like totally embarassed!
After some time I got the courage to downstairs and eat. Well, nobody gave me a second look. Not even mom. Okay, I thought, this might not be so bad, and it wasn't. As we were finishing mom says she wants to go to the mall and pick some things up and asks if I want to go too. Well, of course I do, Hot Topic always has something I want.
Now as we are driving over, mom says, 'Kelly about this morning....'
I'm now thinking oh s--t here comes the big lecture. I'm sinking into the seat of the car.
'...I'm so sorry I barged in on you like I did. Don't feel ashamed.' Then she goes on to explain how everyone does it (Duh!) and she even still does it. I asked her why since she has dad to take care of her and she told me that she doesn't always have him around when she feels the need. She explained how they used it as part of their sex life by masturbating for each other. (At the time I was sorta grossed by that, but I understand it now -- very well.) She even promised to show me her small collection of toys. This was simply a plain vibrator and a rather large rubber dildo. She showed me where they were kept and told me I could borrow them if I wanted. (Never have, the idea of using my mom's stuff is sorta weird) but I do have my own personal toys these days. Since that Saturday morning, we have been able to be very free and open in our discussion of all things about sex, things like birth control, sex technique to excite your guy, even some discussion about lesbian sex, which my mom experimented with years back. So girls, if your parents ever catch you, it may lead to a very open path to talk.



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