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Only Another Pilot Would Know

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Learning to fly is the most amazing thing ever. I was lucky enough to get my PPL at 18 and also get taken on by an airline in what turned out to be the last cadetship offered.


The first time you fly solo is a mixture of absolute exhilaration and absolute fear. Knowing you are flying alone, for the first time, AND that there is no one to help but you is a real good/bad thing. All I know is that when I landed after that all-too short take off, circuit and landing I was wetter than I had been for many many months. In fact, I was so horny that after the debriefing, I had to go and jill myself off in one of the old WW2 buildings that surround my training airfield.

Fast forward now to a couple of years later. 20 years old and in Australia doing the full ATPL course with a well known Australian airline. Up in Cairns, the weather is usually tropical, (complete with tropical storms too!) and never cold exactly. So, after the instrument and multi engine ratings, hours building and lots of it. Fly, fly, fly , fly, Instrument approach after instrument approach, SID (Standard Instrument Departures) Radar Vectoring, limited panel, all of it over and over and over again. Then came the day I flew a 737 for the first time. (Under instruction, of course, and with ten other students on board).

The simulator was ok, but knowing this was the real deal....WOW! So, there I was, left hand seat, instructor, (a really cool Ozzie) in the right hand seat and my hands on the thrust levers. Oh, sims are great, but nothing, NOTHING like knowing that you are really in the actual aircraft. So, clearance, advance the throttles, watch the engines spool up, brakes off, full power and we started our take off roll. 737's are no slouches when fully laden, unladen, as this was the surge was very noticeable... as was my arousal. At V1 I was horny, at VR I damn nearly orgasmed as the aircraft lifted off.

I flew my qualifying circuits and landings and then it was another student's turn. Me? I was in one of the toilets jilling myself stupid. I came FOUR times before I tidied up and let myself out.

Meanwhile the next student just finished her circuits....and went straight to the toilets as well!

When she came out she had not made a good job of tidying herself up. She was flushed across her neck and chest too. So, we sat together and had a girly talk. She told me that she just had to get herself off and I told her it was the same with me. We joked about not making very good pilots if we cream our panties every time we fly, but, like that first solo, I guess the thrill passes, and trust me, commercial aviation is everything BUT glamorous. In reality, we are little more than bus drivers with wings.

As we talked, I knew that we were both getting horny again and when one of the male students went into the toilet we joked about him bashing one out in there. Then I had a great idea... I said we should go in after him and see if we could smell the sperm. So that's what we did. Unfortunately, there was no tell tale scent, but then, right out of nowhere, we were kissing and fingering each other. My first EVER lesbian experience and it was in the air! I pushed my hand into her panties and she blushed and said 'er.. look.. it's gonna be wet down there. Me and my guy we... well. .. you know. this morning.' So I fingered her and she was really squishy with his spunk. Naturally that just blew me away and added to what we were doing. We kissed, fingered, came, and then did it all again.

When we came out, four of the other students gave us a round of applause!

I figured we were in for a roasting but our instructor said it was not at all uncommon.

Well, I qualified and am now a humble First Officer. I get all the crap jobs or course, and will do for some considerable time to come. This airline is 'dead men's shoes' and there are no real prospects for promotion. I don't have enough hours to even consider it yet anyway, so for now, it's all routine. I haven't felt that same sexual thrill since my first solo, and the first time I handled a 'heavy', but sometimes, up there in the cruise, with the sun streaming in the flightdeck windows, and nothing much to do I find myself having sexy thoughts and, yes, even getting wet down below. Airline security is so tight these days, getting off the flight deck is a serious business. (Male pilots have pee bottles! Mixed gender crews....well... we are supposed to just do the same thing, but we can access a toilet if we need to.) So no, I haven't jilled off on a flight yet, but I am curious....

I cannot be the only young woman in commercial aviation. I would love to know if anyone else experienced the sexual thrill of first solo, and if anyone else has jilled off in the air? Flight crew or cabin crew, I would just love to know.



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