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Only Amber

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A few weeks after my first encounter with Crystal and Amber, I was sitting watching TV when the phone rang. It was Amber wanting to talk to Crystal and I told her that Crystal was out with Chad, her boyfriend. Amber said that was cool then said that she needed a place to hang out for a while and asked if she could come over. I told her she was always welcome and said that as she knew the code to the garage, to just let herself in. I was watching 'Showgirls' which had a lot of full frontal nudity and about twenty minutes later Amber strolled in. Going to the fridge and grabbing a can of pop, she came over and asked if she could stretch out on the couch with her head in my lap. How could I say no?

The movie had a so-so story but lots of tits and ass and a bunch of shaved pussies! Amber commented on how beautiful the women were and how sexy they looked with their pussies shaved. I told her that I thought hers looked especially sexy the way she just shaved her lips and left the rest alone. I also mentioned that Crystal had recently gone for the bare look, and she said that she was the one who had done the job. I saw that her nipples were showing through her t-shirt and she kept squeezing her thighs together. She mentioned that she was chilly and could she get a throw to put over her. I told her to grab one from the linen closet and while she was gone I rearranged my dick, which had been growing. I was wearing jeans with no underwear, so I just slid it down my right pant leg. Amber came back just as I was finishing and gave me a grin.

Amber put the throw over her after she laid back down and after a while I noticed some hand movement under the throw. The movie soon ended and Amber asked if she could see the video I had intended to watch the night they almost caught me jacking. Well, my dick was now getting even harder and when I got up to change the video it was clearly outlined along my leg. I sat back down and mentioned that the video started out with my ex modelling several sheer nightgowns and then we gave each other massages and then some nasty sex. She said that was cool and we settled in to watch the show with her on her left side. I saw her hand moving under the throw again, but with her head in my lap, I could not get at my cock to rub it. I put my hand under the throw and asked if she minded if I played with her tits. Her response was to sit up and rip off her t-shirt (she was bra-less) and laid back down and cover up again.

More movement under the throw and I realized that she had opened her hip-hugger jeans to get at her pussy better. Then I felt her right hand running over my right thigh and tracing the outline of my hard cock. I took this as an okay and put my hand down the back of her jeans and rubbed her ass. She rolled back on my hand and told me it would feel better in front. I played with her pubic hair a bit and then slid a finger along her pussy lips. She was already soaked and I stuck two fingers inside and then stuck them in my mouth. Amber was now playing with the buttons on my jeans and got them open and pulled out my cock which now had some drops of pre-cum on the tip. She rubbed this all around the head and started to jerk me up and down.

I told her to hold on for a second and got up and took off my jeans and shirt. She also jumped up and ditched her jeans and thong. We got back on the couch without the throw this time and were back with her head in my lap. She rubbed some more pre-cum around the head and got into a nice rhythm. I told her to go nice and slow and to make it last. I rubbed her ass and then reached through her open thighs and rubbed her pussy, smearing her juices all over her pussy and around to her asshole. We watched the video which had progressed through the massages to my ex and I doing each other orally. Amber mentioned several times that the video was really hot and so much better than xxx because she knew the people in it. As my balls tightened in the video and it was evident that I was ready to cum, I felt her thighs squeeze my hand which was busy on her clit. After I came, my ex and I rolled on our sides with me still inside and I reached around to help her finish with my fingers. Amber could tell by my ex's body language that she was getting close so she looked at me and asked if I was ready. I nodded and she gripped me a little tighter and started jacking faster. She sat up a little so she could watch me cum. The first blast hit her right on her neck and the second the shoulder. After that she pointed my cock at her tits and a few more squirts landed there and on her stomach. We laughed at that, and without stopping to clean up she grabbed my hand that was on her pussy and pushed down hard and used my hand to finish herself off. The sound on the video had my ex having a very vocal orgasm and the next thing, Amber was doing exactly the same.

We sat there resting for a minute then she wiped some of the cum from her tits and put it to my lips. I sucked her fingers clean and then brushed up some of the cum for her to taste. We turned off the TV and VCR and went up to my room to shower. She asked if she could stay a while and I told her as long as she wanted. We got into bed and cuddled for a while and must have dozed. The next thing we knew Crystal was climbing into the bed with us and saying that she figured we must have had a good time judging the way the clothes were strewn around on the floor downstairs. Crystal and Amber started to feel each other up and get more involved. I was too tired to do anything but watch, but my cock was hard as a rock, so I jerked off again, enjoying the scenery.



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