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One Wish

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I take love very seriously. It is very deep. I love my friends and family, and I may love more than one woman in my life, but I don't date every girl I know. With that said, I have been craving to be close to a girl. I wanted to do what my hormones have wanted to do. This doesn't have to involve love, just trust. And I knew of a girl who might trust me.


My neighbor, Jasmine, is a beautiful girl my age. We have been friends for many years and she has been dating my best friend. We have had a great ring of friendship for as long as I can remember. But, I never thought that I would actually want to be with her. My body does, rather. She has many of the right features for me. She is cute and has a small frame. She has an adorable voice. Her breasts are small, but they fit her perfectly. I am very shy around girls and don't usually pay attention to their features, but I've known her for a long while and I can't help but to notice how attractive she is.

Normally, I just fantasize about her, but recently I've actually wanted to try something real. Well, those are still just fantasies. She would never do anything with me. She seems much too loyal. But, I don't want her to break up with my friend. I just want to do what other lucky boys have done. It doesn't have to mean anything. I guess sex and anything close to sex is considered love to many people. I agree that things like that are a big way of showing love, but if a couple of friends can trust each other then I wouldn't see a problem with mutual pleasure. People talk about this on this site all the time.

Sometimes, I wish she would grant me this pleasure. I would do almost anything for her to come over and relieve me of this stress so that I can continue life.

I can imagine her, now. She would come over in her tight jeans and a t-shirt she can barely fit. The house would be empty, except for me. She would be bored and looking for something to do. We'd sit down and start chatting for a while. Then, we would somehow bring up the fact that she had a crush on me when we were little. I never admitted that I felt the same way. But, I would be courageous enough to say that to her when we are alone. Somehow, we would start talking about private things. She would casually mention things about herself that I normally wouldn't know.

Eventually, things would progress until we touched. I would feel and explore. We would get so horny that she would let me go further. She would be kind to me.

I'd run my hands up her body, feel her perfect breasts. I'd move down. She'd let me slide under her pants. She'd be smooth and shaven. I would thrust my finger into her without warning. She would let out 'oh!' in surprise. I would start moving slower and press down on her and rub her and hear her little whining hums. Her cute body would rise and fall as she breathed. Her soft skin would feel warm on mine. I'd start thrusting a finger into her again, easy and slow. Then, move faster. She would want more, but I'd hold back. She would coo and hum. I'd move faster and feel deeper inside her. I'd fill her with every finger I could fit. In and out. Her humming would drive me wild. We'd continue for a while until she was close. Then, I'd stop just when she wanted to climax.

I would move down in front of her and undo her jeans. We would slide them down with her panties and I'd open her clasped legs. I would see her for the first time as I fingered her. She would love the feeling and start moving up and down. She would push herself onto my fingers to get as much pressure as she could as she built up to climax. I would listen to her moan. She'd tense every muscle until I finally send her over the edge. Her body would clench. She would cum and cum on my hand and moan and thrust her hips. Soon, she would be back to normal.

She won't really do this. It's just another fantasy. But, I still imagine her. I still wish for her to grant me this one favor and let me go so far with her.



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