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One Time With Sister

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Mom and dad were in the kitchen cleaning up after supper and me and my sister were in the living room doing homework when out of the blue she asked me if I ever jerked off.The question caught me completely off guard and I didn't say anything right away,then she asked if I'd let her watch sometime.
I was fifteen at the time and like any kid my age I'd been doing it for a couple of years,sometimes two or three times a day.She was thirteen and I had no idea where she had heard about what we guys did.Then she said that one of her friends had seen her brother doing it and how neet it had looked and that she'd like to see how I did it.I didn't say anything and just left the room.Actually she had embarrassed the hell out of me.
It was maybe a month later and I had forgotten all about that night.Our parents had gone to a movie leaving the two of us home by ourselves and a few minutes after they left my sister asked what I was planning to do that night.When I said I was probably just going to watch tv she said that she thought it would be a good idea if I took off my clothes and got naked and jacked off for her.I told her she was crazy and thought that was the end of it when she left the room but a few minutes later she came back and I couldn't believe my eyes,she was start naked.
Almost instantly I got an erection seeing her like that.She didn't have much for tits,actually just large puffy nipples and she had a few hairs around her slit.She didn't make any attempt to hide anything,matter of fact when she sat down across form me on the couch she made sure her legs were were spread quite a distance apart so nothing was hid from view.Matter of factly she said that she hoped this would get me in the mood cause she really wanted to see what my thing looked like.
Even though I knew what was going on was completely wrong it only took a few seconds to get my clothes off and wrap my hand around my dick.There we were sitting just a few feet apart both naked,me looking at the first naked female I'd ever seen and her watching me jerk off.Her eyes never left my lap for the minute or so it took me to start comming and when I did she got up and came over and stood right in front of me and watched until I was done.Then she turned around and left the room comming back a few minutes later with all her clothes on.She watched me clean myself up with my t-shirt but never said a thing.Now I was really embarrassed and quickly got dressed.
Nothing ever happened again and One Time With Sister niether one of us ever said anything about that night again.



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