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One Time Only

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This is the hottest thing that ever happened for me.It forged a great bond with kim.We are still great friends and hang out together regularly


This particular Friday night I was hanging out with my friend Kim at her apartment. Idly chatting about work, an upcoming party, clothes etc. I'd been there about an hour when Kim asked if I wanted to check out some guys.I declined as I had no money to go out. Laughing, she says 'no, on the net'

Well.Kim logged on and went to this adult site. I pulled up a chair beside her and we browsed through the guys pictures , commenting on them as we went .Kim said she visited the site quite often and had chatted with some really hot looking guys then asked if I was up for some fun, which of course I was. A couple of clicks later we were in a video chat section, there where heaps of guys showing there dicks and bodies. It felt really voyeuristic watching these guys and I became very aroused. After about 30 or so minutes I looked over to Kim who was leaning slightly forward with had her hand pushed between her legs at the crotch. I could see her nipples were clearly erect through her t-shirt and she was slightly blushed on her cheeks.'Well Kim is definitely having fun,' I thought to myself.

We watched silently for a bit longer then Kim clicked on her webcam and we appeared on the monitor. In this view I could clearly see her hard nipples under the shirt, and noticed mine could be seen too, even though I was wearing a bra!

The computer chimed like crazy with all the incoming IM's, Kim replied to a few. Next thing we had four guys on video in front us too. They where stroking their dicks and asking to see pussy, etc. Kim glanced toward me a couple of times then pulled her shirt up and began squeezing her boobs and pulling on her nipples. I had never experienced a situation like this before and was confused, embarrassed and excited all at once. Unsure of what to do I got up and moved to the couch, but Kim has really nice shaped breasts, with large nipples and I couldn't stop watching her!

The IM's kept chiming, asking for more. Kim was there playing with her tits and urging me to join in the show. By this time I was very, very, horny so I sat back at the desk. Reaching back under my blouse, I undid my bra, and the buttons of my top. It felt really sexy as I pulled my blouse and bra off, exposing my tits to four unknown guys, and Kim.

Sitting there playing with my boobs in front the cam I saw that Kim now had a hand under the waistband of her shorts. I could see her hand moving over her pussy. My god, this is bizarre. I'm sitting her playing with my tits, watching four guys and my friend masturbating! It seemed as if I was the only self conscious one, but I had gotten so turned on I couldn't stop.

Kim had her shorts off , feet up on the desk, and was openly frigging herself. I had a perfect view of her well trimmed pussy as her finger circled her clit and dipped in between her wet swollen lips. She was totally immersed, and didn't even notice one guy cum, shooting his load right at the cam. The scent of her sex,her quiet moans ,and the wet slapping sounds finally got the better of me.

I reached under my skirt, pulled my thong aside and gratefully slid two fingers into my aching pussy. I came almost immediately after my fingers entered me. My fingers slick with my juices, I probed for my spot and kneaded my hand into myself, rubbing my clit with my thumb. I arched my back pulling on my nipples as I humped against my hand. I felt my juices leaking down to my ass. It was intense! I pounded my fingers into myself, vigorously rubbing my clit as I bucked on the chair. I saw Kim, watching me and that took me over the edge to the most shuddering, gasping orgasm I can remember. She must have finished about then too I guess, and as the spasms in my pussy subsided Kim said to me, 'Wow! Think we better keep this to ourselves'



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