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One Summer Afternoon

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True story. More to follow



I have been reading solotouch.com for quite some time now, since I was seventeen. This is the first story I have submitted, and I can honestly say that, aside from the names, the entire story is true.

Perhaps some introduction is needed. It was 2001, I was fourteen, and my best friend in the world was Rachel, she was thirteen when this took place. I had grown up across the street from her, and due to my parents' work schedule, spent a good deal of time at her family's house. I had just come back from summer camp with something startling and new: the ability to make myself ejaculate. I know, at fourteen (I had my fourteenth birthday while I was at the two-week long camp) I was a little old to be finding out about this wonderful facet of male anatomy. I had been masturbating since I was thirteen, when I hit puberty (or rather, it hit me along with a growth spurt that made everything a few inches longer), but had yet to produce semen. Still, it took a summer night, a canoe trip, and Bobby (a very helpful friend) to introduce me to the joys of ejaculating. Since then I had been reaching earth-shattering orgasms at least twice a day. And when I began talking with Rachel about the two weeks of summer that had gone by in town, she seemed to divine that something had changed radically within me. I told her of my summer camp education, and...well, that is where my story begins.

'So it just spurts out?' Rachel asked.

'Yep. Well, sometimes it dribbles.' I replied.

'Can I...can you show me?' She queried.

My erection was practically ripping through my shorts, I not only wanted to show her, I wanted to soak her in my semen, to push her into a pool of it and roll around with her, let it submerge us both in its sticky ozone scented goodness, okay, so that is kind of weird, but it was my first thought. I smiled.

'I will. If you promise not to tell anyone and if you do something for me.' I said, not believing the words that came out of my mouth. 'Let me touch you while I stroke myself.'

Rae paused for a second before speaking, seeming either deep in thought or lost in space, she always had that bright but ditzy way about her. 'Okay' unbuttoning my shorts and letting them drop the floor before sitting back down on the bed. It was summer, so I had gone commando, Rachel seemed fascinated with my bush of curly black and brown hair that covered my crotch. 'Is it always that big?' She asked. I replied that it was hard only when I was really excited.

'And do I, do I excite you?' Rachel asked.

'Yes. You, you really make me hard, and you make me want to do so many things to you.' I said. Rachel did not say a word, she just reached over and delicately slid back my foreskin to reveal my pinkish-purple glans. I shuddered as she worked her fingers gently back up my shaft, drawing the foreskin with it. Up until my recent introduction to the orgasm, I had been ashamed of being uncircumcised. I wanted to be like Bobby, like all my friends: circumcised, the same. Now, however, I realized the full value of the foreskin. Pre-cum began to form on the tip of my head, Rachel's pinky finger swept a drop of it up and licked it.

'Mmm.' She said. 'To bad it didn't spurt,and it's not white like you said it would be, just kind of clear...like my juices.' Sputtering for words, I spoke. 'That isn't my cum, it's just the stuff that comes before, Bobby used it to lubricate his head, but he didn't have any foreskin. It also means I'm going to be shooting really soon.'

'Oh.' Rachel replied. 'So would you like to touch me now, or do you want to do that after you make yourself spurt.'

'I, need both hands to do this right. But, can I look at you while I shoot, and touch you afterwards?' I said. Rachel nodded, pulling down her jeans and pink underwear with butterflies sewn in, those butterflies have stuck with me over the years. My attention was drawn from the butterflies to her thatch of strawberry blonde pubic hair that topped her vulva. Her labia was the deepest pink, just shy of being red. She took two fingers and pulled apart her lips.

'This.' She pointed to her clitoris, slowly becoming erect, as I would later realize, at the moment everything was just filed under 'confusing girl-parts'. 'Is my clitty. Katherine showed me how to use it.' Katherine was her sixteen year old sister. She was a knock-out if there ever was one. Rachel was blushing as she spoke. 'I know you won't tell anyone, but it feels really, really awesome.'

'Is that how you shoot?' I asked, not knowing all that much about female anatomy.

'No, silly. Girls can't shoot. At least, I don't think we can. It is how I make myself come, though. I just touch it.' She said, stroking herself. 'And it feels really good. Kate called it masturbation. I just call it fun.' She giggled. I could feel an orgasm building within me as she talked. My fingers eased my foreskin up and down the shaft. I was so close I wanted to cry out, to let my building fluids be released with a scream. I knew in that way all males do that I was two or perhaps three strokes away from ejaculating, and the agony of those strokes was almost unbearable. Remembering Bobby's advice, I lay down, my back cold against the wooden floor.

My cock pointing towards the ceiling, I wrapped my fingers around it again. As I did this, I felt Rachel's fingers pull mine back and slid the foreskin down as far as it would go. Time stood still as a drop of pre-cum rolled down my glans. I could feel my semen working its way up my urethra; soon I would be spurting all over her. It was this thought, not thought of the orgasm itself, but the thought of covering her in semen, which drove me over the edge as Rachel's fingers drew my foreskin up. I thrust into her hands, pulling my foreskin back again, and when the arch of my hips reached its apex, I ejaculated. As semen pulsed out of me in ropes, I used one hand to silence my scream and the other to pound the floor in pleasure. Distantly, I heard Rachel gasp in shock as more cum spurted out of my cock. She continued to pump my foreskin as I humped her hands, feeling like the semen would never stop coming out of me, like she would drain me of every drop my testicles had ever produced. I shuddered as the initial shock of my ejaculation was over and the waves of pleasure rippled out from the base of my penis as cum dribbled down the side of my glans and into my still moving foreskin.

'Oh. Oh, Rae. That, thank you, it feels so good.' I said. My penis began to shrink slightly, blood leaving it after quite an amazing orgasm. From my groin to my nipples was covered in white ropes of semen. Rachel murmured something as she looked at the result of our combined handiwork.

'What?' I asked.

'Oh, I was just thinking that Kate was right, it does look like white pee.' She said, bending down to my stomach and darting her tongue into a large puddle of my ejaculate. She paused, considering my fluids before speaking. 'Mmm, tasty.' She placed one leg across my upper torso, effectively pinning me, and proceeded to lick every drop of semen off me despite my feeble protests. Finishing, Rachel knelt beside me. 'All clean.' She smiled, reaching down to stroke my flaccid penis, easing the prepuce back to look at the now small head. 'And to think,' she said. 'That little thing can get so big and cause such a wonderful mess.'

Rachel unbuttoned her shirt and threw it across the floor to land near her jeans. She took my hand and guided it towards her crotch. As my fingers brushed her pubic hair, she smiled and spoke. 'Now it is my turn to come on your fingers.'



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