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One Stormy Night

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One Stormy Night
This is every little boys fantasy. At the age of 15 I had an occassion once in high school in Michigan. It was a cold winter night and I had just left the gymnasium where our varsity team had just won. It was about 2 miles to my home and I decided to hang out at a corner grocery across the street for awhile to let the crowds clear out before heading home. It was snowing and blowing and I was standing outside by the phone booth pretending to call on the phone while warming my self and for some unknown reason gettting a raging hard on. I looked into the window of the house adjoining the store and saw an older full figured woman motioning me to come in out of the cold.
I did so and she asked me what I was doing and I said I was waiting for my Dad to pick me up.... not true.
Her tits were enormous probably 44 dd and she was probably 45 years old. She told me to take off my coat while I waited for my ride and warm myself by the furnace grate which I eagerly did. Her husband wasn't home as he worked the night shift in the local mill. She said she had to go to her room to get something warmer and to just make myself comfortable. My teenage hormones were raging, I was still a virgin and the only breast that I had seen to that point were of my two older sisters (See my story "Older Sister" on the site). My cock was soo hard I thought it would rip out of my pants. She returned wearing a long flannel nightgown, Low cut, and a chenile robe loosely closed around her body. She walked up close to me as we talked and was standing close so that I could feel her tits pressing against my arm.
She rubbed my shoulder and asked if I was getting warm standing over the furnace grate and I said that I was getting...very warm. She stood on the grate close to me and the warm air blowing up and out billowed out her robe and the nightgown like a baloon. She let out a sigh and said the warm air felt very nice on her body. I know it felt nice on mine. WE were standing soo close that I was afraid she would feel the bulge in my pants so I kept turning sideways and she would just brush her body against mine while looking away across the room. It had been thirty minutes and still no sign of my DAD??? He wasn't coming. I pretended to phone home using her phone and played like he would meet me on the corner at a main intersection where the roads had been plowed. My hard cock was about to burst while being soo close to this complete stranger. The whole time I was standing there on the phone she was right next to me with those breasts popping out of her top, occassionally as she bent to do something I could see the miky white top of her tits.
I told her I better leave and she said to wait until I was really warm and to see if the storm would stop blowing soo hard. We continued to stand their on the grate and I felt her press those large breast into my back and side. I decided I would never have another chance like thisand I turned to face her. She had long curly brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and very red lips that seemed to invite kisses. She told me I was cute and scolded my parents for letting such a nice boy out without a ride on such a cold night. She put her arms around me and we hugged for a long time her breasts pressing into my chest and my tender young cock know pulsing against her leg. She continued to hold me tighly to her bosom and never said a word. She slowly started to rotate and move her hips back and forth against my pelvis and my hard little cock and I glanced down into those creamy white tits pressing against my chest. She stroked my head as I was looking down and without saying a word let her robe fall open exposing even more breasts. The only fabric between my cock and her body was that flannel robe and my levi slacks. (I didn't wear underwear and still don't). My cock was pressing straight up against my body and I could feel that I was about to explode.
Her breathing became short and hot and she was moaning like she had when the warm air flowed up her robe. But this a a low moaning unlike anything I had ever heard. I looked closely and without shame at her breasts and began to move my hand up to touch them. She grabbed my hand and slowly guided me toward her breasts and the only word she said was Lovely, you are such a nice boy. She moved my hand toward the swollen nipple and we squeezed together. Her breathing became very short and erratic and then her head rolled back exposing even more of those breasts. I began to kiss my way down towards the nipple and she moved her body harder and faster aginst my poor swollen cock. I started to jerk uncontrollably as I came in my slacks and she maoned loudly as we both reached orgasm, with her breasts now fully exposed and nipples erect. We parted and I fumbled something about I really should be going since my Dad would be waiting for me at the corner. She got my coat and asked if I needed to use the bathroom....she knew I did! She led me to the room and closed the door, after cleaning myself up I was hard again thinking about what had just happened. I opened the bathroom door she smiled, asked if I was OK, and gave me a wink as she stood there and helped me get my coat on,her hard nipples still erect through the fabric of her nightgown. I walked out the door thanked her and never saw her again, except in my fantasies while jacking off. I had just had my first, dry humping experience with an older woman and learned a great technique for masturbation by pushing my cock straight up against my tummy while rubbing against anything, even phone booths, but that's another story.



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